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Jerry will be in the Celebrity Triathlon in South Beach, FL
3/4/2009 12:04:29 PM
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Jerry will be in the Celebrity Triathlon in South Beach, FL
3/4/2009 12:04:29 PM


Jerry will be in the Celebrity Triathlon in South Beach, FL 

South Beach, the sun, help cure cancer with a run (or bike or swim)! On Sunday, April 5, 2009, we invite you to challenge your courage, strength and spirit by participating on a team or as an individual in the 2nd annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon presented by Toyota. 

The Nautica South Beach Triathlon is the sister event to the renowned Nautica Malibu Triathlon in Malibu, CA, which has attracted celebrity participants including Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, Robin Williams, Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, Jennifer Garner, Minnie Driver, and Will Ferrell, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Like the Malibu Triathlon, the Nautica South Beach Triathlon will be nationally broadcast in a half-hour special on Fox Sports Net, and raise hundreds of thousands to help St. Jude research cures and treat children with cancer and other life-threatening pediatric diseases.

Participating in the Triathlon: You can compete in two ways: 1) in the celebrity division as part of a relay team paired with two world-class athletes, which will allow you to compete in the leg of the race that is strongest to you, or 2) as an individual, completing all three legs of the triathlon. The triathlon consists of a half-mile swim through the warm Atlantic waters (expected water temperature is 78 degrees), an 18 mile bike over a relatively flat course with views of the Intercoastal Waterway, downtown Miami and Miami Beach, and a 4 mile run alongside Miami Beach’s Art Deco District that finishes on the soft, white sands of South Beach.

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Comments Below
Posted Date : 4/16/2009 1:50:08 AM
Posted By : Elizabeth
Title : You're amazing!
Comment : Fantastic!!! Glad to see you keeping up with new adventures!

Posted Date : 4/8/2009 5:59:01 PM
Posted By : Julie Foster
Title : prayers
Comment : glad to see you are still at it! This is your friendly cable gal...I have lost 32lbs since I saw you last year and you gave me your pep talk.

Posted Date : 3/20/2009 1:53:47 PM
Posted By : Svanhvit
Title : Good luck!!
Comment : Best of luck with the triathlon!! I look forward to hearing about that!

Posted Date : 3/8/2009 6:44:54 PM
Posted By : Skip Stenstrom
Title : Good Luck
Comment : Good Luck with the triathalon. You were great on the Biggest Loser.

Posted Date : 3/7/2009 7:50:01 AM
Posted By : Maureen Corrington
Title : To Your Success!!!
Comment : Hi, Jerry: Lots of luck in the Triathlon! In spite of the challenge, it sounds exciting and fun. Go for it! With all good wishes and prayers, Maureen Corrington

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 8:36:27 PM
Posted By : Todd Wilson
Title : Good Luck
Comment : Jerry, I wish the best, and good luck. We met in Hutchinson, KS when you rode thru town in early July. I'm the guy who does business with Lynch Aluminum in your home town. I'll be watching you on TV.

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 8:10:03 PM
Posted By : Roy Hogate
Title : stay fit
Comment : That name posted by Mary K really rings a bell, but you my friend would make Charles Atlas proud. By the way my nephew Jimmy Backman is also a Peoria fir fighter and Im real proud of him and his cousin Scott Huseman who is a sheriff in peoria. Id wish you luck at this triathion its just that luck isnt goina win it. It will be your determation that will do the job. Roy

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 7:39:25 PM
Posted By : Mary Jo Parola
Title : Best of luck my friend!
Comment : You've come a long way from Sandy's Drive-In. I watched you on Biggest Loser and you are still full of smiles and happiness. You and your wife look great!

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 3:14:35 PM
Posted By : Dawn, Sergio and Lexi Cortes
Title : Best of Luck
Comment : Hi Jerry We wish you the best of luck in your triathlon. After meeting you, We know you can do just about anything. Good Luck

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 7:53:31 AM
Posted By : Delfina
Title : Mba'eichapa!!
Comment : Exitos!!! Fuerza!!!

Posted Date : 3/5/2009 6:41:20 AM
Posted By : Hector Rodriguez
Title : Tri
Comment : Hey Jerry, Good stuff amigo. Stay healthy and good luck with the triathlon. Stamina baby!

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 9:15:56 PM
Posted By : Nereida Vazquez
Title : congrats

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 6:20:10 PM
Posted By : mabell
Title : good luck
Comment : Still doing good, God bless the both of you. good luck in the Triathion Jerry. Wish I could be there to watch.

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 6:20:09 PM
Posted By : mabell
Title : good luck
Comment : Still doing good, God bless the both of you. good luck in the Triathion Jerry. Wish I could be there to watch.

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 5:56:45 PM
Posted By : Mary Kellenberger
Title : Tiathaon
Comment : Good Luck in the Tiathon Jerry, just want you to know that I am wishing you the best of luck. I know that Dan would want you to do well also. Your friend, Mary Kellenberger

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 4:46:47 PM
Posted By : Peter and Marian Korn
Title : You're Doing Great!
Comment : Jerry: Glad to see you're comppeting and, even better, staying in great shape. Good luck in South Beach and watch out for the girl with the boa constrictor around her shoulders and the ruby in her belly button. She could be real competition, if she can get untangled. Best to Lynne.

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 3:49:22 PM
Posted By : Amy Stewart
Title : re: praying for you still!!
Comment : Hey Jerry and Lynne - We still pray for all that God has for you! Praying that you will continue to minister hope to everyone you meet! Hope to see you back in little Beaverdam Virginia someday!

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 2:57:21 PM
Posted By : Dianne Pelletier
Title : Good luck!!
Comment : You are an amazing person! I'm so glad you came in to Great Harvest Franchising in Dillon, MT--it made my whole year!! I watch the Biggest Loser all the time and remembered you. I could never be in a triathalon or bike across the United States... that is such a great goal to have mastered!!! I hope you remember me. You came in and called Stephanie Polito, who was your trainer... I am so happy to have met you and I really wish you the best of luck with the triathalon and with eveything!! Dianne in Dillon, MT

Posted Date : 3/4/2009 12:05:48 PM
Posted By : Chris Sopher
Title : Good Luck
Comment : Best of luck in the Triathlon Jerry!

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