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Posted By: Keith & Kathy
Posted Date: 2/4/2014 10:42:47 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry & Lynne - nice meeting you in Bucerias. We tried to find you a couple of times but no luck. Will play tennis another time. We're back in Eugene; all's well here. Take care, K & K

Posted By: Dru
Posted Date: 8/15/2013 5:56:05 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry. It was nice talking with you on the phone while placing your order with me at Tennis Express. As you know, I'm a fan of the show, and would like to keep in touch with you if possible. Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted By: Brian Guerin
Posted Date: 6/26/2012 10:34:03 AM
Comments: Jerry, It was great to meet you at the Chicago casting call. You are truly an ispiration to me, I wish you well!

Posted By: Tony and Cathy Bertollt
Posted Date: 1/24/2012 6:51:45 PM
Comments: Great to meet you at Buceria's festival, what an inspiration to do something memorable in your life in being able to go across America.

Posted By: susie
Posted Date: 1/5/2012 1:23:45 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry, you are such an inspiration on Biggest Loser, just watching that former episode --- hope you are doing great! May the Lord bless you and keep you as you seek Him.

Posted By: Dawn Carole McGe
Posted Date: 11/28/2011 3:26:19 PM
Comments: Rock On Jerry!! Rock on Lynne!!!Love you guys!!

Posted By: Suzie Bash
Posted Date: 11/23/2011 10:34:26 PM
Comments: What an accomplishment! You have always been a man of action and integrity. Lots of love to your whole family.

Posted By: Mark
Posted Date: 10/14/2011 9:12:28 PM
Comments: Hello

Posted By: Kitty Lohrum
Posted Date: 9/19/2011 3:31:01 PM
Comments: So proud of you, Jerry! Keep going... You're an inspiration.

Posted By: Kitty Lohrum
Posted Date: 9/19/2011 3:31:01 PM
Comments: So proud of you, Jerry! Keep going... You're an inspiration.

Posted By: Jack Wilhoit
Posted Date: 9/16/2011 5:03:55 AM
Comments: Congradulations on you past accomplishments and in the futre, Keep biking, showing your car and it is great to see that you are healthy. Glad I met you at the Tilted Kilt car show.

Posted By: Stephanie Zutter
Posted Date: 5/9/2011 1:01:25 PM
Comments: Hi, Jerry. Last year you made a guest appearance to cheer on our Courageous Pacers from District 150 as they finished walking their 100th mile at the Riverfront. I was wondering if you would be willing to attend again this year. It is scheduled for May 18 with a rain date of May 20. We leave Constitution Park at 10:00 and walk to the Gateway Building. The students were thrilled to see you last year and one of the therapists has already had one of them ask them about you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted By: Sandy
Posted Date: 12/6/2010 6:39:42 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry! Thanks for the note - it's always so much fun hearing from ole' Woodruff alum!! I think it's great that you have a project with the Knoxville Children's Home - I spent three years living there. You and your wife are such an inspiration to others! Great to hear from you! Keep up the good work! Sandy

Posted By: Marita Mller(Sauter)
Posted Date: 11/30/2010 10:45:21 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, how are you. Can't believe to find you this way. I just gave in your name in google and than I saw all the videos about the "Biggest Loser" Show. Wow! You did a great job. You look ausum. How is your family? I hope everythings fine. Please write me some letters to hear what's going on in Peoria. We have a lot of snow right now and we are looking forward for skiing. My youngest son started with school this september. Jerry, I would really love to hear from you and Lynn! Many, many greetings from Bavaria, Germany. Love, Marita

Posted By: Flor Gamez
Posted Date: 9/24/2010 2:31:48 PM
Comments: Hey jerry hope that all is well and i just wanted to stop by and say hi I met you here at bucerias as the receptionist at the hotel suites costa dorada..now i am in reservations but still here hope to see you back here soon! take care!

Posted By: Bradley Hansen
Posted Date: 7/12/2010 9:13:07 AM
Comments: I had the honor of meeting Jerry in San Francisco this weekend. Jerry you are so inspiring and it was great chatting with you. please stay in touch.

Posted By: Sam Altpeter
Posted Date: 6/15/2010 6:51:28 AM
Comments: It was great to talk to you Jerry. What an inspiration you are.

Posted By: Sue Livingston
Posted Date: 4/23/2010 9:55:12 AM
Comments: hi jerry and lynne. it was great meeting you in the bar in bucerias. hope our paths cross again. if poossible, send along your email. i remembered the first part but not who your server is. enjoy! eric and sue

Posted By: David
Posted Date: 4/23/2010 6:31:42 AM
Comments: just thought i would say you look stunning for your age good job you have inspired me to do it. keep up the good work lots of love d xx

Posted By: Jerry Leman
Posted Date: 4/13/2010 11:26:39 AM
Comments: Are you the Jerry Lisenby that went to Loucks School in the 50's?

Posted By: Stephanie Zutter
Posted Date: 12/8/2009 1:08:42 PM
Comments: Hi, Mr. Lisenby. Your fitness and health are inspiring. I am amazed at the changes that are made on the Biggest Loser. I am a physical therapist in the Peoria Public Schools and I have a goal to increase the health and fitness of our students. We have some classrooms participating in a fitness program, Courageous Pacers, and they have goal of lifting 10,000 pounds and walking 100 miles in the school year. It is difficult to recruit teachers to add this to their curriculum because of all of the demands for reading and math. I provide them with the research that shows increased fitness is directly correlated to increased academics, self worth, and self confidence; as well as, decreased disruptive behaviors in class. I am reaching out to you to inquire if you would be willing and able to get involved with the Peoria Public School to increase programs such as the "Courageous Pacers" and improving the PE curriculum. Our students deserve a strong exposure to living a healthy and fit life. I may be contacted by email at stephanie.zutter@psd150.org or by phone at 309-208-2915 if you are open to further discussion on the possibilities in the Peoria Public Schools. Thank you for your time. Stephanie Zutter, PT

Posted By: emily (grandchild)
Posted Date: 12/5/2009 3:00:31 PM
Comments: Hi papaw we leave for Nicaragua in a few more days: the 9th of December.When we come back we will be nice and tan!!

Posted By: Sue Yehl Leman
Posted Date: 11/25/2009 6:27:20 AM
Comments: Another year of Biggest Loser is coming to a close. I'm thinking of you and your huge effort. Hope you are still have a good run with this. Sue

Posted By: Kevin
Posted Date: 11/18/2009 9:01:17 PM
Comments: Mr. Lisenby I live in Henry, IL and my wife and children have been wanting me to do something about my weight for a number of years. We have watched "The Biggest Loser" for many years and I have seen how it has changed so many lives. My wife asked me to try out for the show and I was wondering if you had any tips on what I should include in my video that I need to send with my application. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Posted By: Kathy
Posted Date: 9/21/2009 2:44:31 PM
Comments: I really enjoyed your visit to the Sterling Rock Falls Family YMCA thanks a good talk and the pointers, I am going to share them with my exercise classes

Posted By: Lynnette
Posted Date: 9/20/2009 3:13:41 PM
Comments: Thank you once again for coming to Sterling/YMCA. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and your family. Thank you for being such an inspiration for the older generation

Posted By: Trisha Huff
Posted Date: 9/6/2009 9:09:27 PM
Comments: Jerry-It was so awesome to meet you tonight at Bernardi's. I was the server that you and your wife had tonight. It really was an honor to meet you! I think this is the push I needed to really work harder and get back on track. I was very upset when you got voted off and to see you today was really awesome and the highlight of my day. I hope you know that just talking to me has really made an impact on me and hopefully will help me in my journey and hopefully the next time you come in to Bernardi's I will have good news to report to you. Thank you so much for such an inspiration to me and my husband.

Posted By: Connie
Posted Date: 8/18/2009 10:16:38 AM
Comments: jerry, i just need to know some exercizes for my upper arms. I know that you guys know what to do so can your write and tell me how I can make mine smaller Thanks Connie

Posted By: Richard Hulva
Posted Date: 8/3/2009 5:52:20 PM
Comments: hey,jerry--do you remember your roommate from the hospital last week? We left the hospital last mon. afternoon and went to Bloomington to see my wife's son and his wife and our 2 grand-daughters. Zack and Nicki(Bartak)Ragains. When we were telling them about you being my "roomie" Nicki about came off the couch! She went on to tell us that she had worked for you at the hardware store when she and Zack were dating. They will be married 9 years in October. Furthermore, your daughter,Meghan,was her post-partum nurse after their 1st daughter,Hannah(now 4 yrs. old)was born. We wanted to call you and share this with you but found you were not listed in the phone book. So, this will have to do. Rick has had a long week, but has shown improvement every day. His appetite is returning and he is eating very nutritional foods!! He is also walking every day though the home nurse advised him to pace himself and not try too much too fast! Hope you are slowing back into things as well! Would love to hear from you so you can let us know that you made the connection with Zack and Nicki belonging to our family. God bless you and your wife. Let us hear from you! Rick and Mary Hulva

Posted By: Richard Hulva
Posted Date: 8/3/2009 5:52:16 PM
Comments: hey,jerry--do you remember your roommate from the hospital last week? We left the hospital last mon. afternoon and went to Bloomington to see my wife's son and his wife and our 2 grand-daughters. Zack and Nicki(Bartak)Ragains. When we were telling them about you being my "roomie" Nicki about came off the couch! She went on to tell us that she had worked for you at the hardware store when she and Zack were dating. They will be married 9 years in October. Furthermore, your daughter,Meghan,was her post-partum nurse after their 1st daughter,Hannah(now 4 yrs. old)was born. We wanted to call you and share this with you but found you were not listed in the phone book. So, this will have to do. Rick has had a long week, but has shown improvement every day. His appetite is returning and he is eating very nutritional foods!! He is also walking every day though the home nurse advised him to pace himself and not try too much too fast! Hope you are slowing back into things as well! Would love to hear from you so you can let us know that you made the connection with Zack and Nicki belonging to our family. God bless you and your wife. Let us hear from you! Rick and Mary Hulva

Posted By: esther
Posted Date: 4/29/2009 1:51:06 PM
Comments: Hey what about the video you made in costa rica??? ;) do you remeber me? I'm the girl from germany (BAVARIA!!! ;) ) and I took part in the canopy tour with you and the others from kanada and America! It was so great! Bye or ADIOS, pura vida (do you remeber?!?!) esther

Posted By: LaTarsha Glasper
Posted Date: 4/20/2009 4:43:33 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry spoke with you over the phone. I work for Comcast. It was a pleasure speaking with you and thank you for the info on your site!

Posted By: doug foster
Posted Date: 4/17/2009 4:51:27 PM
Comments: I am the guy you talked to by newman golf course. I enjyoyed talking to you

Posted By: Debbie Field
Posted Date: 4/16/2009 6:11:53 AM
Comments: I don't know if you remember but you worked with my husband in Stillwater for ATS. You had called me on the phone and I just dearly loved it! Glad to see you are still maintaining your weight. I have my husband now on a diet because he has problems with his heart. He always said you were on his case about his weight when you worked together. Take Care. Debbie Field

Posted By: Tom Bennett
Posted Date: 4/15/2009 7:20:42 PM
Comments: Has Jerry found Jeary Somers yet? Why is there nothing on the web site on Jerry and Harry's attack on Costa Rica

Posted By: Missy Caffee
Posted Date: 4/14/2009 4:46:08 PM
Comments: Jerry- I can't tell you how proud your family in Kentucky is of you. I know that you don't know me, but I am your Uncle Henry's granddaughter. My mother is Margaret, my Uncle is Butch and my Aunt is Barbara. Keep up the good work and we would like to know how you are all doing. I have included my email address so please don't hesitate to write. Missy

Posted By: Jeanette Martinez
Posted Date: 4/6/2009 11:37:41 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, My fianc and I met you at the Nautica Triathlon on South Beach this weekend... Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures with us and the kids you are an inspiration to us all. You, Michelle and Valerie did an awesome job... Tell your wife I said hello and that it was great meeting her also and talking to her was a pleasure indeed... I have the pictures that we took but I dont know where to send them to so please let me know so I can get them to you ASAP... Again thank you so much for making yesterday even more memorable we are all big fans of the show.. Keep up the good work you guys look great! Hope to hear back from you soon.... Jeanette

Posted By: Cynthia Pflugh
Posted Date: 3/22/2009 8:25:11 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry. I just found your biz card from the riverraft in Costa Rica. Before the raft you took a photo of me, my friend Kathi, and my husband. Would you mind forwarding that photo? Hope things are going well. We'll look for your poster at Great Harvest Bread.

Posted By: Jim Comfort
Posted Date: 3/16/2009 3:00:05 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry I have you proctor cycling jersey and shorts i will be at the ymca wed around ii:30am. if that dosn't work call me at work. good luck in the bike race.

Posted By: Julie Beveridge Abbott
Posted Date: 3/5/2009 5:31:43 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry! It's really great to discover that real live people succeed on the Biggest Loser AND BEYOND! Keep inspiring! We'll have to catch up in Peoria sometime.

Posted By: Tom Bennett
Posted Date: 3/4/2009 8:54:10 AM
Comments: Tell Harry I read a book all the way home and didn't trun a page, it was a book on investing, the best investment I ever heard

Posted By: keith trammel
Posted Date: 3/3/2009 9:58:23 AM
Comments: Jerry There is a monkey missing from Sierpe river home. Please ask Harry to check his backpack.

Posted By: Robert Seiser
Posted Date: 2/26/2009 8:17:09 AM
Comments: Jerry and Harry - Great times on the flight to Philadelphia. Lets zipline ourselves back to Peoria! Have fun on your adventure this week!

Posted By: Heather Kitchen
Posted Date: 2/19/2009 9:01:09 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry: I hope your having a great trip! If you get time while your in paradise...people have been asking for the recipe for the shakes..thanks alot.

Posted By: Martha Peredo
Posted Date: 2/18/2009 8:12:27 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! It was great meeting you at the IncaReal in San Jose, Costa Rica. Wishing you a great trip to see your friends in the rainforest. Really, meeting you was one of the highlights of my trip. All the best, Martha

Posted By: Joe Ginger
Posted Date: 2/5/2009 1:40:25 PM
Comments: HI Jerry, my wife and i enjoyed you visit to the Canton YMCA. i will send you the article from the Fulton Democrat as soon as it comes out. I am the person who took the photos of you at he YMCA.

Posted By: Brandy
Posted Date: 1/30/2009 7:19:22 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry! I live in Canton, IL and just saw that you will be visiting the YMCA where I work out. You are such an inspiration to everyone and I am excited to come meet you!

Posted By: Ron
Posted Date: 1/29/2009 3:57:26 PM
Comments: Jerry, I wrote this last week after ping pong but didn't put the security number in so you didn't get it. We had 5 today and one would sit out after each game, so each one played 3 games before sitting out and each with a differnet partner. Good fun. Here is the note I wrote last week you didn't get. Jerry, the intent of group ping pong on Thursday is to have everyone gradually evolve to basically following the rules. Yesterday's participants are now aware that the ball should be propelled upward before striking it. This rule will not be enforced in the future, but it is the hope that players will accept the intent to strive to do their best to, over time, evolve to not making illegal serves. Encoraging correct serves is not an attempt to handicap the best players. Best players can win without using an illergal serve when playing singles. But when teamed with someone who is just learning to serve properly, may be frustrated that several points are lost because of their partner's inexperience. When reflecting on yesterday, I thought of my grand daughter's 5th grade basketball game. The refs didn't call double dribble or travelling. But as the children gain experience they will be expected to gravitate toward following the rules of basketball. The intent of these sessions for me is primarily social, getting some exercise and improving my ping pong. I like to win also, but if I don't and accomplish the other items mentioned it has been a good day. Regards, Ron

Posted By: Roy Hogate
Posted Date: 1/27/2009 10:31:40 PM
Comments: I heard you met my niece and my daughter pulled you up on the Biggest Loser website. I never thought you would have weighed that much, but congratulations on the big loss. You look good. When I see Chuck Robinson and Arti Dillon I'll let them know. Tell Jim Hussey and Al Shipman I said hi.

Posted By: Aimee
Posted Date: 1/25/2009 9:03:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry, this is Aimee and I met you at the Steel City Bass Club awards banquet. It was wonderful meeting you and talking to you. I'm not sure where you told me to put my information for you to send me those things. Do you just want me to post it on here? Sorry I can't remember what exactly you told me to do.

Posted By: Erin Spence
Posted Date: 1/13/2009 9:01:40 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! My name is Erin Spence and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm 13 years old. You have been such an inspiration to me. My grandpa passed away on July 13, 2008 (my birthday) from a combination of his diabetes and being overweight. I miss him, and I believe that if he could have seen you, and seen how much you turned your life around, he could have lost the weight to stay alive. In the end, he just gave up. He thought it was impossible, so he didn't try to excercise or eat healthy. I would love to talk to you sometime, so I added you as a friend on facebbpk so you can accept and I can talk to you that way, or you can email me. Thanks Jerry! You are my hero.

Posted By: Molly Kelly
Posted Date: 12/17/2008 11:24:51 AM
Comments: Hello Jerry! So great to see you made your voyage. This is your physical therapist from Midwest Orthopaedic Center. I have recently moved to Indianapolis, but thought I'd check to see if you had any information about the trip online and I found YOU! Congratulations and keep up with your determination. What a cool thing! Best wishes!

Posted By: Allison Renna
Posted Date: 12/15/2008 6:41:28 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! It was wonderful to meet you in the San Juan airport after I recognized you from the show. You were so gracious to chat with me and my sister about your success and adventures since getting in shape and changing your life. You have been one of my all time favorite "contestants" because of your infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude (unlike some of the contestants on this season--i.e. VICKI). You were not just a great contestant; you are a great PERSON. Keep that spirit! Although I have never had a weight problem, I've always loved "before and after" shows and as an athlete myself, I love watching people catch the endorphin "bug"! I have two small children and had to work really hard to get back in shape after having them back to back and so I did what you did: set a difficult goal. I decided I wanted to do a half ironman. Well, i'm proud to say I did 2 of them last summer and compted in 7 triathlons and at 36 am in the best shape of my life. Maybe with your biking strength...you will get in the pool and on the road and even try a tri! Whatever you do, I know you will do it with great character and class. Keep moving and keep smiling jerry! Again, it was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck in all your endeavors! Sincerely, Allison Renna Hingham, Massachusetts

Posted By: Pam
Posted Date: 12/1/2008 9:52:40 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry - I have the photo I took of you and Roger on the plane in Atlanta. What's your email address? It's a great photo! Pam

Posted By: Chris
Posted Date: 11/29/2008 9:17:42 PM
Comments: First i want to say how great you look. I just started a Biggest Loser Fan Forum that also has a large Weight Loss Support Area I just started it, so its not very active at the moment, but it will get there im sure of it. http://www.biggestloserfans.com I am writing to ask if you sometime in the future would be willing to register and post once in awhile when you have free time. The fans i know would love to be able to interact with people that have inspired them so much over the seasons. I am also trying to get other contestants on the site as well. I would also like to ask if you could put a link to the Forums on your website somewhere, maybe do a link exchange if you want. I would love to hear back from you, and i thank you for your time and consideration. Thanks Chris

Posted By: Dana Lunsford
Posted Date: 10/29/2008 3:46:55 PM
Comments: I enjoyed visiting with you on the flight to Peoria on my business trip Tuesday and found you a very colorful character. I very rarely encounter someone like you as I travel and am enlightened with your character and personality, so wanted to sign your guestbook to stay in the blog you have. Thanks, and keep being a good human being as you are!! If ever in Fort Worth/Dallas area let me hear from you and if I am not on the road, you can hang out at my place if you are on your bikes!! Dana

Posted By: Elizabeth
Posted Date: 10/28/2008 9:55:37 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry - Just wanted to congratulate you on your trip! We met in Oregon on the road. I was biking the TransAm with my dog in tow! P.S You lied about the general store being open! I had to survive 3 mile high passes that day in order to get to food and water! hahaha. It was a wild day! Good luck in your next adventure! Elizabeth

Posted By: Gary Olson
Posted Date: 10/21/2008 6:55:14 AM
Comments: Jerry Lets go golf. I miss those rounds together. Got a lot of catching up to do. Let me know. 693-0546

Posted By: Kandy
Posted Date: 9/30/2008 9:40:58 AM
Comments: I met Jerry recently after a round of golf and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of Jerry's accomplishment with The Biggest Loser and also the accomplishment that he and his wife made the bicycle trip for such a wonderful cause. Keep up the good work.

Posted By: Nery DuPage
Posted Date: 9/17/2008 5:35:55 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry, It's your Spanish teacher from ICC. I am so glad to see you doing so well and enjoying life to the fullest. I'm hope you are now fluent in spanish after your adventure in South America. Keep your good work. Senora Nery DuPage

Posted By: Bill Lervaag
Posted Date: 9/8/2008 1:26:46 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn its was interesting to talk to you on Sunday Morning. I want to see if I can get you on National Radio. However I need a email address from you or phone number so they can make contact with you. I will talk to them today and give them your web information. I know they will call me to see how to contact you. You can call me a the office at 309-69692-9161 ext.15.

Posted By: Bill Lervaag
Posted Date: 9/8/2008 1:25:22 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn its was interesting to talk to you on Sunday Morning. I want to see if I can get you on National Radio. However I need a email address from you or phone number so they can make contact with you. I will talk to them today and give theme your web information. I know they will call me to see how to contact you. You can call me a the office at 309-69692-9161 ext.15.

Posted By: Philipp
Posted Date: 9/8/2008 12:05:24 PM
Comments: Herzlichen Glckwunsch Euch beiden. Ich hoffe Euch bald in Peoria sehen zu knnen ich ben ende September dort. Philipp aus Friedrichshafen (Sister City of Peoria)

Posted By: Dick Malone
Posted Date: 9/8/2008 9:10:33 AM
Comments: Great seeing you back from your trip cross country ... your still looking great ... keep it up.

Posted By: Delfina (de Paraguay)
Posted Date: 9/5/2008 12:43:42 PM
Comments: reminds me?

Posted By: Delfina
Posted Date: 9/5/2008 12:13:30 PM
Comments: hola Jerry!! new Jerry!!! estoy muy orgullosa por tu cambio!!!FELICIDADES!!!!

Posted By: Cookie Harris
Posted Date: 9/3/2008 3:15:36 PM
Comments: Congrats to you both for a wonderful adventure!! It was wonderful sharing dinner with you at Campfire Lodge in Montana on the night of July 26. You are both an inspiration to all you meet and a sheer joy to be around! Much love...Cookie Harris and family

Posted By: Lynette Grawey Crismore
Posted Date: 8/31/2008 3:14:12 PM
Comments: Congratulations on finishing such an ambitious undertaking!!!! Jerry and Lynne, you are an inspiration for all us younger cousins! When I get healthy enough biking is definitely on my To Do list!! Lynette

Posted By: Stuart
Posted Date: 8/31/2008 1:37:10 AM
Comments: Glad to see you completed your ride. Congratulations. I'm one of the three guys you met in the motel parking lot in Lander, WY just before we went backpacking. Our five days in the back country were great except for all the over abundance of mosquitoes.

Posted By: Peter & Marian Korn
Posted Date: 8/30/2008 3:36:14 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynne, Very, very impressive. Great to know that you both are doing such wonderful things and seeing the country at same time. Best wishes.

Posted By: ricardo luna
Posted Date: 8/29/2008 7:09:55 PM
Comments: jerry we met at grand hotel tijuana just a few months ago im a bell boy . u had left me your card and i been following your trip im really glad that everything came out good and hope that your mom is doing fine c u one of this days sr

Posted By: Your next door neighbor
Posted Date: 8/22/2008 2:46:15 PM
Comments: all I can say is: Wow, fantastic and Congratulations!! - that and I guess I should return your grill now -

Posted By: Betty Gegg
Posted Date: 8/21/2008 9:14:40 AM
Comments: Yes, Congratulations! A 4200 mile bike trip is quite a feat. Good luck to Jerry & Lynne

Posted By: Ryan Todd
Posted Date: 8/21/2008 7:07:06 AM
Comments: Jackey Stanley and I fixed Jerry's front brake caliper so he could continue until he was closer to a Schwinn Dealership. We met outside Hardee's restaurant in Hodgenville, Ky down the road from Lincoln's Birthplace. May God bless your endeavors and may you always know he is with you!

Posted By: Tim Urban
Posted Date: 8/21/2008 5:52:05 AM
Comments: Great Job!!!! Congrats Jerry and Lynne!!!

Posted By: Maureen Fogerty
Posted Date: 8/21/2008 5:50:42 AM
Comments: I am very happy that you have completed your ride, and are home safe and sound. I'm sure it is great to see your family again. Not to mention sleeping in a bed. I'll make sure to tell Mary that you are back. Rest up. Congratulations, Maureen Fogerty

Posted By: Casey Kerchner
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 9:00:01 PM
Comments: Congrats on completing the trip. You put us slackers to shame. You guys look great. And we can still recognize Jerry by that big smile. Best Wishes..... Radio Shop Casey

Posted By: Katrina Maddox
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 6:52:48 PM
Comments: I am so glad to hear you are back!!! Lynne, when can I see you? Do you plan on coming back to the Children's Home? I passed my NMHCE and am now a LCPC! I started nursing school this week too. It's soo hectic and crazy. I am bound to lose weight because I have hardly eatne anything all week I am so busy!!! Can't wait to see you!

Posted By: Todd Wilson
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 5:47:56 PM
Comments: Glad to hear you made it. Since then, I have been riding my bike every day. I have lost weight as well, and have found a source of new energy in myself. Congratulations Jerry and Lynne. Todd Wilson, Hutchinson, KS

Posted By: MaryLynn McPhie
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 5:46:20 PM
Comments: Hooray for the two of you!!! Glad to hear everything went well. Congratulations.

Posted By: Ruth Ann
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 3:00:47 PM
Comments: Congratulations! I am anxious to hear your stories! What an accomplishment - thanks for the inspiration! :)Love, Ruth Ann

Posted By: dubbyjanosov
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 9:45:56 AM
Comments: greatjob jerrylynn from the Janosov Family

Posted By: Dave Berger
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 9:13:32 AM
Comments: Congrats on a successful completion of your journey. Bet you had a ball. Come visit in East Lansing this fall and tell us the stories!

Posted By: Jackie Lanier
Posted Date: 8/20/2008 8:58:58 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry! Congratulations on finishing your trip. What a great accomplishment!!

Posted By: Ron and Suzie
Posted Date: 8/19/2008 9:55:11 AM
Comments: Great job! We're envious of your stamina and proud to be your friends. Can you ride up here to visit us?

Posted By: John Rohowits
Posted Date: 8/18/2008 5:03:38 PM
Comments: Jerry & Lynne Were so happy for you and offer our sincere congratulations for the accomplishment of your goal. Now I'm sure a little R&R are in order...if so, do some of it here in SF Bay Area; I'd be pleased to show you around. You are both an inspiration! Best Wishes, John of John & Barb fame.

Posted By: Peter King
Posted Date: 8/14/2008 8:40:56 PM
Comments: Met Jerry and Lynne in Halfway, OR outside the town grocery store. I am riding the TransAm West to East.

Posted By: Ed Schoaps
Posted Date: 8/12/2008 10:51:53 AM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn--Thanks for the great time we shared in Halfway, Ore. and on the jet boat tour of Hell's Canyon. Hope you have a great time in Oregon and truly enjoy the final days of your cross country adventure. Florence or Bust!! Regards--Ed and Antonio Schoaps

Posted By: Anne & Torsten
Posted Date: 8/11/2008 11:36:19 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry and Lynne, It was a pleasure meeting you guys in Grand Teton on your way to Yellowstone. We just had a look on your trip progress here on the website and think it's awesome! Take care and have a safe trip Anne & Torsten from Germany

Posted By: Tiffany Tarter
Posted Date: 8/11/2008 9:04:39 AM
Comments: We met Jerry and his wife in Richland OR. Eating at the restrant. He was very friendly. We enjoyed visiting with him.

Posted By: Brook & Lois Moore
Posted Date: 8/9/2008 9:24:10 PM
Comments: We loved meeting both of you wonderful folks! Thanks again for supper and the great stories. When you get home you can read more about our work here in Halfway at stonehavenfarm.com and brookmooreguitars.com. Wishing you cool weather and tailwinds until you reach the coast.

Posted By: Judy
Posted Date: 8/8/2008 8:55:16 PM
Comments: My nephew and his wife have The Big Iron Motel in Riggins ID. where Jerry and his wife stayed. I was there with my sister and brother and my other nephew.

Posted By: Robert Brown
Posted Date: 8/8/2008 5:53:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry & Lynne--I met you at the Big Iron Motel in Riggins, Idaho on Wednesday Aug 6, 2008. I was the fuzzy faced truck driver in that picture you all took. Told my wife all about the visit since she watchs Biggest Loser every season. Hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Posted By: Jodi Hall
Posted Date: 8/7/2008 9:39:18 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynne, It was so great to meet you at Lolo Hot Springs in the restaurant. You are an inspiration!! Have a fantastic rest of your trip!! --Jodi (and husband Doug and baby Dillon)

Posted By: Brian Dunn
Posted Date: 8/7/2008 4:31:26 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry and Lynne!! I made it to Astoria on Aug 4th! I met you along with Mark and Pat in Colorado (i think) where we stopped for breakfast. Mark was driving the Preus. It was fabulous to meet the two of you, especially two fellow RPCVs!! I'm anxious to follow the rest of your trip! Good luck! Be safe! God bless!

Posted By: Terri,Bob,Danny Charal
Posted Date: 8/6/2008 7:04:37 PM
Comments: We are so happy you both are well and enjoyed so much talking with you on your stop in Montana. Do not know how you made it through that HUGE state! Keep safe.

Posted By: Jill Williamson
Posted Date: 8/5/2008 2:58:14 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry and Lynne! I'm nearly in tears as a peruse through your site and watch your progress. You are wonderful people. Jerry, is this as exciting as riding side-car with Grandpa? Take good care of yourselves!

Posted By: Vance Becker
Posted Date: 8/4/2008 6:54:39 AM
Comments: Hi, Jerry and Lynne, I met you on the road near the Big Hole Battlefield in MT. I remember commenting that, like most other bikers I saw, you were hauling way more stuff than I care to drag up a mountain. I finished in Casper, WY, and am back home in MN now, having ridden the last 265 miles (Grand Teton Natl. Park via Togwotee Pass to Casper) in two days with a good tailwind. I hope you keep having a good ride.

Posted By: Bob and Tamara Jones
Posted Date: 8/3/2008 4:45:03 PM
Comments: Met Jerry on Lolo Pass, the border between Idahoand Montana. We encouraged him to change his route slightly, but will check back to see if he did. If Jerry makes it to Lewiston, Idaho we encourage him to stop by Diamondback Shooting Range, 1447 Main Street.

Posted By: Hector Rodriguez
Posted Date: 8/1/2008 12:55:53 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry and Lynne, almost there. Sounds like a fun but difficult journey. I sent your web page link to my wife and this is what she wrote back. "He is so cool. Love that guy." Isn't that hilarious, she has not met you as of yet and she has hit the nail on the head. Stay safe, La Familia Rodriguez

Posted By: Mary Frances Haberkorn
Posted Date: 8/1/2008 8:26:05 AM
Comments: I HOPE you enjoyed your 43rd anniversary on the road! Where was that? I am getting ready to attend Megan's Peoria baby shower on o8-07. I hope she approves of my gift! love, mare

Posted By: BikingAgain
Posted Date: 8/1/2008 8:07:11 AM
Comments: Thursday July 31 @ 5 PM MDT: While going to my favorite watering hole near Adventure Cycle in Missoula, Montana I bumped into Jerry and Lynne, who had just had their picture taken by Greg Siple. They had just arrived from the Bitterroot Valley to the south, and looked great. They were pooped, and happy to be offered a room at the home of a person who works with Adventure Cycle.

Posted By: kristin kelley
Posted Date: 7/30/2008 9:43:26 AM
Comments: We're the family from VA that saw you at the south entrance to Yellowstone on July 24. Enjoy the rest of your ride!

Posted By: Dianne Pelletier
Posted Date: 7/29/2008 7:50:03 PM
Comments: I met Jerry at Great Harvest in Dillon, MT. And he familiar and now I know why--I remember him on the Biggest Loser!! I'm so glad you came to see us in Dillon and taking the time to stop by our office! It's so cool that you know Stephanie at the Peoria Great Harvest! I just want you to know that you made my whole day! And Way to Go for being on the Biggest Loser!!!! Dianne

Posted By: Barbara Gaifom
Posted Date: 7/29/2008 6:56:45 PM
Comments: I met Jerry at Old Faithful General Store in Yellowstone. His wife was also with him. They were very pleasant and I had a great time visiting with them. Good luck on your Bycle Tour.

Posted By: Boyd Briggs
Posted Date: 7/29/2008 2:20:06 PM
Comments: My grandson & I met Jerry & Lynn in Dillon, Montana. We were able to take pictures of them with a stagecoach! We were very impressed with both of them. GOOD LUCK and best wishes!

Posted By: Jason Webb
Posted Date: 7/28/2008 5:52:31 PM
Comments: I saw Jerry at Quake Lake in MT outside of Yellowstone Park, on his way to Ennis, MT.

Posted By: Cammie Searle
Posted Date: 7/27/2008 9:26:28 PM
Comments: Our family meet Jerry and Lynne in Yellowstone Park, Friday, July 25, 2008. They are wonderful people and have been an inspiration to myself. They were wonderful to share our evening meal with and hear of their adventures. Best of luck on their journey!

Posted By: Ruth Ann
Posted Date: 7/27/2008 9:16:47 AM
Comments: Hi Lynne and Jerry. Just checking in on you, sounds as if you're still going strong, still touching lives :) You are loved and missed! Take care.

Posted By: Colleen Adolfson
Posted Date: 7/27/2008 8:01:20 AM
Comments: I met you in Denver at the casting call. Thanks for your words of advice and encouragement. We did get a call back! Hope your journey is blessed and safe.

Posted By: Bill & Kay
Posted Date: 7/26/2008 3:33:21 PM
Comments: We figure you must be somewhere in west Wyoming by now. Hope it is cooler there then here. About 15 straight days of 90+, but we still bike or play tennis or hike each day. You and Lynne continue to be our inspiration/s. Have a continued good trip. Bill & Kay

Posted By: Boris Grogg
Posted Date: 7/25/2008 6:09:51 PM
Comments: Hello Lynne and Jerry, I am the eastbound cyclist you met one hot, hilly day in Missouri. Jerry you stood outside with me in the shadeless heat as Lynne and I exchanged travelers' information. On July 14th, I rolled into Washington D.C. ending the bike portion of my trip. I'm now back in California and just wanted to thank you for being a part of my trip as well as wish you good luck on the rest of yours. Take care!

Posted By: russ barringer
Posted Date: 7/24/2008 1:14:57 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn, Hope your trip is going well. I finished in Astoria last Monday, July 14. It was such a thrill to have my two sons ride into Astoria with me, as well as having my parents there. We arrived back in Durham, NC, our hometown last night. Hope you are getting thru the hills OK. Proud of you and good luck. Russ Barringer

Posted By: Mary Frances Haberkorn
Posted Date: 7/23/2008 11:05:36 AM
Comments: Lynne, I am REALLY glad you connected with Marian's older sister! I am also glad she was able to meet you where you were having dinner. I keep on sending out the applications--as you said, "Sometimes it takes 100's." I wish I had been keeping track, 4+ years at it so far! love to you both, keep pushin' mary frances-your younger sister

Posted By: Katrina Maddox
Posted Date: 7/22/2008 8:49:13 PM
Comments: Lynne, I miss you so much but you look GREAT in all the pictures. I want to call you so often but I just figure you will be on your bike and unable to talk so Barb told me about this website. I hope you get this message and I can't wait to see you when you get back. My husband and I have started going to they gym regularly now but I am still struggling with my eating. I love my fatty foods, sugars, and a good beer or glass of wine and it is all killing me. Your husband, Jerry, is such an inspiration to me and you were too when you were around in the office. I can't wait til you get back and who knows. Maybe I will be moving departments!!! Praying for the two of you and thinking of you ALWAYS!!!

Posted By: Christine Parr
Posted Date: 7/22/2008 5:52:37 AM
Comments: It was great fun!! Jerry's & his wife Lynne know my sister because Lynne's sister and mine have been friends for ever. This is such a small world!!! I found a missed call on my cell from an unknown number but a familiar area code and I called it back. It was Lynne and Jerry who invited me to dinner in Lander, my hometown in Wyoming. I went to meet them at the Cowfish Restaurant. We talked about all the stuff you do when you meet someone you've never met but who knows someone you love, my sis.

Posted By: Todd L. Wilson
Posted Date: 7/21/2008 9:52:03 PM
Comments: Hope the both of you are doing well. Met you both in Hutchinson,KS on July 2nd. I am tracking you weekly here to see how the two of you are progressing on your journey. Ride safe and I'll be checking in on you. Todd

Posted By: Dan and Pat Shea
Posted Date: 7/21/2008 7:32:13 PM
Comments: We follow you several times a week on the internet. You are doing a wonderful job. We keep you in our prayers for a safe ride each day. Look forward to hearing all about your trip when you get home. Keep up the good work. Dan & Pat

Posted By: Steven Senden
Posted Date: 7/21/2008 1:48:15 PM
Comments: Hi from the cyclist from Holland you met between Jeffrey City and Rawlins! When cycling I lose all meaning of time (weekends aren't the best times to hit a library), so this is the first time I got to see your website! My weblog is http://sendens.reismee.nl, feel free to take a look at it! It's partly in Dutch, but you'll figure it out. Safe travels! Steven

Posted By: Megan Peterson
Posted Date: 7/21/2008 11:27:46 AM
Comments: Met Jerry at my family owned pharmacy in Lander, Wyoming. Let him know that I'm a Biggest Loser Junkie and loved that Ali and the Pink team won last season!!

Posted By: Boston & Cubby
Posted Date: 7/19/2008 3:14:18 PM
Comments: We met Jerry & Lynn on Hwy 287 just north of Rawlins, WY on July 19, 2008. We are hiking the CDT from Mexico to Canada.

Posted By: Mary Frances Haberkorn
Posted Date: 7/19/2008 5:13:11 AM
Comments: I LOVE the sunset ride over the bridge photo! Where did it come from? love,again, mare

Posted By: Mary Frances Haberkorn
Posted Date: 7/19/2008 5:06:02 AM
Comments: 07-19-08 I heard on NPR this morning speaking of the Tour de France that, "cyclists expend far less energy riding in packs than they do riding solo." I am not certain if TWO consitutes a "pack" but I hope you are "expending far less energy riding together so you are able to ride further!" I was UNABLE to hear your radio show from yeaterday, my loss no doubt. wishing you GOOD stories to tell back home, with God's blessings and much love from me, mare

Posted By: brendan
Posted Date: 7/17/2008 3:58:06 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynne, What's happening, this is Brendan from your MO days, send me an email to let me know how you two are holding up, I'm in Nevada

Posted By: Karie Losing
Posted Date: 7/17/2008 3:47:16 PM
Comments: I met Jerry in Saratoga, WY. He is staying at our hotel tonight. Good luck Jerry!

Posted By: Eric Paradis
Posted Date: 7/17/2008 1:07:05 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry & Lynn ! Met you on the way to Kremmling. I thought I would met you for dinner, but couldn't see you anywhere. Stayed at Bob's Motel. Happy to have met you. Now in Rawlins. The Ultralight Canadian, Eric

Posted By: Aum
Posted Date: 7/16/2008 7:41:09 PM
Comments: The night you stayed in Bardstown, KY i was the one that told you to go to the my old kentucky home

Posted By: penny banks
Posted Date: 7/16/2008 5:45:50 PM
Comments: Met Jerry and Lynne in Frisco, CO and got them 'back on the path to Dillon' (They were headed precisely the wrong direction! Great folks and I'm encouraged (at 63) to do a X-country bike ride myself. Was interesting to find that the Smoky Mountains are more difficult to ride than the Rocky Mountains! Who knew?

Posted By: penny
Posted Date: 7/16/2008 5:43:41 PM
Comments: Met Jerry and Lynne in Frisco, CO and got them 'back on the path to Dillon' (They were headed precisely the wrong direction! Great folks and I'm encouraged (at 63) to do a X-country bike ride myself. Was interesting to find that the Smoky Mountains are more difficult to ride than the Rocky Mountains! Who knew?

Posted By: Harris Coe
Posted Date: 7/15/2008 8:25:31 PM
Comments: Met Jerry and Lynn in Eastern Colorado.

Posted By: maggie
Posted Date: 7/15/2008 12:07:32 PM
Comments: Hi! i met Jerry in Canon City Colorado at the info center. It was nice meeting him and hearing his story! Very motivatioal. My mom and brother watch the show and were excited to hear that I had met Jerry. Good luck with the rest of the ride!!! Maggie

Posted By: Sarah Norcross-Gates
Posted Date: 7/14/2008 10:24:49 PM
Comments: I met you at the casting call in Littleton (Denver) Colorado. You were very inspirational to me. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and talk to us.

Posted By: Bill & Kay Smart
Posted Date: 7/14/2008 4:52:13 PM
Comments: Hey, Lynn and Jerry...thanks for the call from Frisco...enjoy the hot tub. Yep, was really great to see you all Fri at the Hausers. We will be keeping an eye on you both. Bill & Kay

Posted By: Melissa Gillis
Posted Date: 7/14/2008 9:34:37 AM
Comments: Jerry your an inspiration! Met you at The Biggest Loser casting call in Littleton, CO, I got a picture with you and it means a lot to me! I havent gotten a call back for the show yet but Im starting on my own!

Posted By: caroline davis
Posted Date: 7/13/2008 7:03:33 PM
Comments: oday did you ride from pueblo or dirive

Posted By: Rosa Loriga-Garcia
Posted Date: 7/12/2008 7:51:13 PM
Comments: I enjoyed meeting you today in Denver ,CO at the biggest loser casting call!!!! U touched me in a way to belive in yourself and to never give up

Posted By: Katie Mehaffy
Posted Date: 7/12/2008 6:20:40 PM
Comments: We met you today at the biggest loser auditions and you were so wonderful answering all of our questions. You really eased any fears we had about doing this. I hope we get to continue on and become an inspiration like you.

Posted By: Tracie- the tie dye girl
Posted Date: 7/12/2008 5:39:51 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry! I wanted to thank you for all your inspiration. I met you today at the Denver auditions. I really enjoyed our conversation and left the auditions feeling even more empowered! Thanks so much! I'll keep an eye on your progress across the USA. Be safe love true and walk in light...

Posted By: Dave Riley
Posted Date: 7/12/2008 5:11:14 PM
Comments: Congrats Jerry and thank you for being such and inspiration. I just met Jerry today in Denver, CO at the BL Open Call. It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time out of your schedule to spend time with all of us that were in line for BL today in Denver! Good luck to you, ride safe, and God's blessings to you and yours!

Posted By: Lynn Brown
Posted Date: 7/11/2008 8:37:28 PM
Comments: Our daughter, Melissa, met both of you in Colorado at the Hauser home (parents of her boyfriend, David). She suggested our home as a place to stay in the Eugene, Oregon area, and gave you our phone number. We are looking forward to having you call and let us know when you will arrive! Hope the ride goes smoothly, Lynn & Hal Brown

Posted By: Ken Koch
Posted Date: 7/8/2008 6:23:36 PM
Comments: Jerry, Just began biking last summer. Heard about your trip on WMBD and wish you the very best and a safe journey. Wish I could be with you...what a great adventure! Ken

Posted By: Bill & Kay Smart
Posted Date: 7/8/2008 2:13:01 PM
Comments: Hey guys, great going! Looking forward to seeing you Fri in Denver. Kay & Bill

Posted By: Justin and Jamie (panusachallenge.org)
Posted Date: 7/6/2008 8:14:57 PM
Comments: Hey there - great to run into you and Harry outside Great Bend, KS the other day. We have made it to Illinois and are still cruisin'! safe travels the rest of the way!!! also, pls check out our website if you have a free moment at www.panusachallenge.org thanks! Justin and Jamie

Posted By: Claudia Marr
Posted Date: 7/6/2008 4:45:00 PM
Comments: Hi, Our family enjoyed visiting with you in the bank parking lot in Toronto, KS. Thanks for turning around to come back and share your story with us. Good luck to you and your wife.

Posted By: Brent Unruh
Posted Date: 7/6/2008 2:30:15 PM
Comments: Jerry I'm the old Firefighter from Dodge City Ks that meet you and your wife at historic Fort Larned. My wife and I ride but we cheat. We ride the old iron horse, (motorcycle) We also need to drop a few pounds. We are excited about your travel and pray that GOD gives you both safety in your travel and the willpower to finish what you have started. Jerry all of us that are & were a part of the brotherhood of Firefighters are pulling for you both. You are an encouragement to thoughts of us that are not what we use to be (out of shape). God bless. Brent

Posted Date: 7/5/2008 9:53:22 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry and Lyne Wild Bill here checked out your trip photos. Looks like you are having a very good time on your cross country trip. Best of luck for the rest of the trip. I'll keep in touch. Wild Bill.

Posted By: Lucas and Jennifer Thogmartin
Posted Date: 7/4/2008 11:05:29 AM
Comments: My husband and I met Jerry and his wife in Summersville, MO. We were there to attend the "Hillbilly Birthday" as he referred to it on the radio show. (Amanda and I are friends from college) We had a great time and we can honestly say you guys are some of the funniest people we have ever met! Good luck on your journey.... we are rooting for you!

Posted By: Gayle Ferrell
Posted Date: 7/4/2008 6:21:33 AM
Comments: Thanks for taking the time to visit the Kansas Underground Salt Museum! Hope your special bike ride underground becomes one of your best memories. Wishing you a constant tailwind and continued good health!

Posted By: Cathy Neubauer
Posted Date: 7/3/2008 6:05:19 PM
Comments: Dear Lynne and Jerry: Just got your email and when to your pictures. I love the Red Hat sign but don't think Martin will let me have one for the front porch. Looks like your making good time in Kansas and soon will be in CO. You guys take care of yourselfs and ride safe. Love Martin and Cathy

Posted By: Melissa
Posted Date: 7/3/2008 4:35:44 PM
Comments: I live in Lansing, Ks near KC. I read about your trip in the Hutchinson News today. Good luck!

Posted By: Tonya Gehring
Posted Date: 7/3/2008 2:44:07 PM
Comments: I enjoyed meeting both Jerry & Lynne while they toured the Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson, KS.

Posted By: Dave
Posted Date: 7/2/2008 7:49:05 PM
Comments: if you can survive the winds of kansas, the mountains of colorado will be enjoyable. the salt mine should be your lowest point for the next 1000 miles. take care---

Posted By: Christian Bladt
Posted Date: 7/2/2008 12:21:00 PM
Comments: Hello Jerry, Long time no see. i misse the times on The great times on the Rotary Western Trip 2002. Love from Denmark Christian Bladt WBO Intercontinental Welterweight Champ

Posted By: Todd L. Wilson
Posted Date: 7/2/2008 8:19:36 AM
Comments: I met both Jerry and his wife in Hutchinson, KS while haveing breakfast at Skaets. He sat down with a group of us, and told us his story about being on the Bigest Loser show, and how he accomplished losing his weight. We talked about his bicycle trip they are doing across america, and life in common. We actually had a great morning with both him and his wife,and got the opportunity to get some pictures of him and with him. I wish them the best. They were a big inspiration, for I am on a diet as well,and he gave me some great tips on how to loose the weight. I wish them both well, and a safe journey. God Bless.

Posted By: J French
Posted Date: 7/2/2008 5:25:44 AM
Comments: You were in the little sandwich shop in our little town on July 1st. It was interesting to overhear your story. I had to check out your website. Good luck on your endeavor. May God bring you sunshine and a cool breeze.

Posted By: Monica Miller
Posted Date: 7/1/2008 11:29:33 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! I didn't meet you, but you had dinner with my parents tonight. Congrats on the ride! If you come to Los Angeles, we could take you to dinner out here! Then most of my family will have met you! Thank you for your kindness - you left an impact on my family. God Bless! -Monica Miller

Posted By: Kevin Nickel
Posted Date: 7/1/2008 11:27:35 AM
Comments: (7/1/08) I just met Jerry and Lynne on the road between Hesston and Buhler Kansas. I enjoyed hearing your story and our conversation together. Good luck on the rest of the ride! -Kevin

Posted By: Amy Stewart
Posted Date: 6/30/2008 11:48:38 AM
Comments: I met Lynne and Jerry in Beaverdam Virginia just after they had begun this amazing journey. They are an inspiration and we are praying for them!!

Posted By: Ruth Ann
Posted Date: 6/30/2008 7:25:54 AM
Comments: Hi you two :) Just checking in to see where you are. Kansas! I hope you are enjoying good weather. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Ruth Ann

Posted By: john lewis
Posted Date: 6/29/2008 10:01:03 AM
Comments: howdy cousin!! ma wanted me 2 c your bike being blessed by the buddhist monk. must be nice not having 2 pedal anymore!!! much love, FROM JOHNNY

Posted By: john lewis
Posted Date: 6/29/2008 9:55:08 AM
Comments: howdy cousin!! ma wanted me 2 c your bike being blessed by the buddhist monk. must be nice not having 2 pedal anymore!!! much love, FROM JOHNNY

Posted By: Anita Kreitler
Posted Date: 6/28/2008 3:31:04 PM
Comments: Jerry,Good Luck to ya and your wife. Your doin this for a Great Cause. Ive been to Virginia a few times, Im datin a guy thats in the Navy and he's stationed at Norfolk,Va, so I pretty well drive really close by Yorktown, when i make the trip over there to see him. Be Safe on the rest of your trip. Im from Perryville,MO

Posted By: Matt Stevenson
Posted Date: 6/27/2008 7:18:05 AM
Comments: Jerry and Lynne, I work with Chris Sopher and he directed me to your site. I will be following your ride from now until the finish. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration! All the best.

Posted By: Denise Ivy
Posted Date: 6/24/2008 11:35:50 AM
Comments: Hi-It was such a priviledge to meet you both in front of the Walmart in Marshfield Mo. You were very patient in answering all of my questions. My family is a big fan of Biggest Loser. You both were such a delight and an inspiration. Good luck and stay safe. I have a blog- citygirlintheozarks.blogspot.com about moving form the big city to the Ozarks--I will be sure to mention your ride and your cause. Denise Ivy

Posted By: Robin Reeve and Landon
Posted Date: 6/23/2008 5:16:17 PM
Comments: Jerry & Lynne, What a wonderful surprise to run into you at the Casey's gas station in Marshfield Missouri. My son made a bee line to the neighbors, when we got home, to tell them we had met you. We will follow you along on your website. Have a safe and wonderful journey! You will be in our prayers! Robin PS.. make sure to enjoy those gas station cappicinos once in awhile!

Posted By: Warren Young
Posted Date: 6/22/2008 5:41:53 PM
Comments: George & Marilyn Howell met you last night and refered you to me in Paraguay saying you will be coming down here in the near future. If so please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address indicated herein. Best Regards.

Posted By: Betty
Posted Date: 6/19/2008 1:25:44 PM
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday. You made my day. I look forward to "traveling" with you through your updates on the web. My photos are good. Will submit them to Ste. Genevieve Herld. Betty

Posted By: Ella Wrenn
Posted Date: 6/17/2008 1:53:42 PM
Comments: Jerry & Lynne, We met you and enjoyed "our day off" together at the Damascus Old Mill in Virginia. It appears you are doing well and hope to see you again one day!! Good Luck, Ronnie & Ella Wrenn

Posted By: Rickey Walker
Posted Date: 6/14/2008 7:09:42 AM
Comments: Meet you and Lynne at Kettering Ohio. Enjoyed very much Also seen you on noon news T.V that day Hope you can come back sometime. Going to be telling people at center about your journey. Thank you!!

Posted By: Wanda Cisneros
Posted Date: 6/13/2008 8:42:27 PM
Comments: I met you at the Latham Senior Center in Kettering,OH Iloved your talk. Perhaps you can come back soon. Or perhaps next year or two. It was well worth it. Thnk You So Much!

Posted By: Emma Fleming
Posted Date: 6/13/2008 7:21:05 PM
Comments: I met you in Kettering, Ohio. Thank you for everything and I hope that you have a wonderful bike trip.

Posted By: Charlene Rusterholz
Posted Date: 6/12/2008 10:09:02 AM
Comments: Love that Jerry Lisenby. And hey Jerry - Lynn has to be a special person to put up with you all these years. Ha! Ha! Charlene (Davis) Rusterholz

Posted By: Mike & Joan
Posted Date: 6/11/2008 7:58:15 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry and Lynne, This is Mike and Joan, 2 Eastbounders that met the two of you as well as John on the road just east of Wytheville, VA. We just completed our ride from Cincinnati to Washington D.C., and are now getting back to our normal lives. One task was to send a contribution for the Childrens' Home, which we just did online. We enjoyed meeting you, and have listened to some of your radio interviews, and have enjoyed those as well. You guys are doing great and inspiring lots of people for a good cause. Keep up the great work! --Mike Weingarten & Joan Thomas (http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/mikenjoan24a)

Posted By: Guillaumes Under Construction
Posted Date: 6/9/2008 8:29:23 AM
Comments: OOPS And are looking for a way to get a hold of Jerry for some questions? What is the best way?

Posted By: Guillaumes Under Construction
Posted Date: 6/9/2008 8:27:05 AM
Comments: Myself and my beautiful wife had met Jerry in Chicago in 07 for the Casting call for the Biggest Loser and a looking to speak to Jerry if this is Possible??

Posted By: Lisa Grawey-Anderson
Posted Date: 6/8/2008 9:24:11 PM
Comments: Lynne & Jerry~ Wishing you the best of luck on your ride!! Not sure if you are coming thru Northern CA but if you are let me know. Take care & be safe!

Posted By: Mike Pierceall
Posted Date: 6/5/2008 6:02:55 AM
Comments: Enjoyed meeting you& Lynne a few days ago at Longbranch while you made a stop in Carbondale. Best of luck on your journey and stay safe. Hope to see you on the road.

Posted By: Rick Psculkowski
Posted Date: 6/2/2008 12:46:25 PM
Comments: I really enjoyed our conversation on Monday, 6/2

Posted By: Ruth Ann Jennings
Posted Date: 6/2/2008 4:13:13 AM
Comments: Hey you two :) Just checking in to see how you're doing. Your pictures are GREAT! I'm so glad you have this website - gives me a chance to live vicariously through you :) What an inspiration you both are! Take care.

Posted By: Larry Heagy
Posted Date: 6/1/2008 8:10:55 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn, This is Larry, President of the Steel City Bassmasters. We all enjoyed spending the impromptu evening with you in Golconda, IL on May 31. I'll bet you weren't expecting a live concert from a group of bass fishermen in the middle of nowhere. Best of luck to you on your journey across country. We'll stay in touch and follow your progress.

Posted By: JWs QuickStop
Posted Date: 5/31/2008 1:08:52 PM
Comments: Just trying to keep up with your travels

Posted By: Cathy Neubauer
Posted Date: 5/30/2008 5:01:43 AM
Comments: Enjoying your trip pictures. I check you out daily and hope you both stay healthy. Take care and much prayer coming your way. Martin and Cathy Neubauer

Posted By: melissa rader
Posted Date: 5/28/2008 4:09:33 PM
Comments: Jerry I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, but I was a big fan on The Biggest Loser and I work with your cousin Constance and she is very sweet and alot of fun to work with.Hope you have a safe and fun trip.

Posted By: Brooke
Posted Date: 5/28/2008 2:20:15 PM
Comments: Looks like you are having a blast!!! Enjoy every mile!

Posted By: emily a
Posted Date: 5/28/2008 7:48:30 AM
Comments: I MISS YOU A LOT!!!! It is gorge is b-day today call him or something

Posted By: Jack & Geri Stanley
Posted Date: 5/27/2008 6:06:36 PM
Comments: Jerry, Met you in Hodgenville, KY; fixed your front brake & enjoyed talking with you. Hope you & Lynn have a blessed trip.

Posted By: Mark Reed
Posted Date: 5/27/2008 11:55:45 AM
Comments: Lynn and Jerry, I met you in Radford, Va. as I traveled across Virginia on a bicycle in the opposite direction. Just checked in to see how you are both doing. It sounds like your journey going great. I'll keep track of your progress and contact you now and then. Mark

Posted By: anthony & carol curtis
Posted Date: 5/24/2008 7:23:54 PM
Comments: Hello jerry & lynne.The pictures look great.Becareful on the road,GOD BLESS.

Posted By: ketra
Posted Date: 5/23/2008 4:52:47 PM
Comments: keep it up you guys, so proud of both of you. love ya

Posted By: Kate Simonson
Posted Date: 5/23/2008 2:26:36 PM
Comments: Great meeting you in Berea, KY! Keep up the good work I know you will make it to the Pacific. You have a new fan!! Thanks for the Peace Corps advice too.

Posted By: Ethan Hamblin
Posted Date: 5/22/2008 7:06:51 PM
Comments: Thank you so much for stopping in Buckhorn, KY and touring the historic Buckhorn Log Cathedral. It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. Congrats on your successful bike tour and hope to see you again someday.

Posted By: Margaret Baker
Posted Date: 5/22/2008 5:18:56 PM
Comments: We love the pictures. What an amazing journey so far. You are making GREAT time! Safe travels.

Posted By: Ruth Ann Jennings
Posted Date: 5/22/2008 4:31:13 AM
Comments: Hi Lynne and Jerry :) You two are amazing! Enjoy, stay safe, and continue touching lives, that's your trademark. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted By: Mark Deaton
Posted Date: 5/21/2008 7:48:24 PM
Comments: I enjoyed meeting you all at the BP in Hazard, KY. You all are truly an inspiration to those of us who need to live a healthier lifestyle. You all seem so happy!!! You are an AWESOME DUO!! It amazed me how you made time for everyone even though you were trying to eat your meat loaf!!Maybe, one day you will see me on the biggest loser, and I will be in as good of shape as you are!! You all are AWESOME!! Good luck as you continue your journey across the United States!!

Posted By: Marilyn Buerkens & Paul Grap
Posted Date: 5/20/2008 6:21:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry & Lynne--Greetings from Natural Bridge, Virgina. Since you left here Mother's Day, you have surely seen some more beautiful countryside. We'll be off to Berea, KY in a couple days. We'll probably arrive about the same time! I wish we could hook up, but I'm not sure that we can. I would love to meet your cousin sometime. Travel safely. Regards.

Posted By: Stephanie Marshall
Posted Date: 5/20/2008 6:05:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry - how's it going? You two look like your doing Great we miss you back home. We are leaving for Ireland in two days (very excited). Take care and good luck!

Posted By: Thom Waite
Posted Date: 5/19/2008 5:00:00 PM
Comments: Jerry & Lynne, Good luck on your travels. It was great meeting you both in Charlottesville, Va. (I helped you get your 'rigs' onto the Monticello Hiking Trail) I've shared your story with friends and co-workers, and the response is always the same: WOW!! What a great story! Best of luck. I'll be tracking your progress... And continue to be inspired.

Posted By: Dreama Bromfield
Posted Date: 5/16/2008 4:48:00 AM
Comments: Jerry, We met you at J.W.'s store at Claytor Lake in Pulaski, Va. It was a pleasure talking to you and hearing your story. Who would have thought that we would have met a celebrity while riding the golf cart to J.W.'s to get barbecue sauce! Have a Great Trip!

Posted By: Andy Kegley
Posted Date: 5/14/2008 11:05:00 AM
Comments: Gonna live vicariously! I just met you guys in front of Duke's Barbecue here in Wytheville, Va, across from our non profit HOPE Ministry Center (www.wythehope.org), and enjoyed brainstorming with you about ways of connecting other Trans-Am riders with local cycling, and Adventure Cycling Association. Dreaming on two wheels with y'all--happy pedaling. Andy

Posted By: HANGMAN
Posted Date: 5/14/2008 7:13:00 AM
Comments: Hi, Jerry, it was nice to meet you and your wife in the big town of Catawba, VA. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope to bike the same route as you next year after I finish the Appalachian Trail. Take care! HANGMAN NOBO '08.

Posted By: lita flowers
Posted Date: 5/13/2008 10:55:00 AM
Comments: My boys and I meet you 5/6/08 on the trail in Charlottesville, va. we are walking weekly for the Obesity task force. Keep up the good work. Lita

Posted By: Megan
Posted Date: 5/11/2008 2:06:00 PM
Comments: Mom- Happy Mother's Day. We are checking your progress everyday. Keep having fun. Love, Megan, Scott, Baby(21 weeks now), and Millie.

Posted By: michele
Posted Date: 5/11/2008 9:09:00 AM
Comments: Mom, Happy Mothers Day!!! We miss you. Love Michele, Emily & Jared

Posted By: Timothy and Anna May Bostic
Posted Date: 5/10/2008 4:47:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, It was a pleasure meeting you this morning in Lexington, VA! We believe it was not a coincidence that we crossed paths, you have truly inspired Anna May and I more than you know! We will be checking in on your progress every week now and following your example as we continue our own journey. We will send you a before and after picture in about 6 months! :-) We have also written a check for the Children's Home and will ask everyone at Grace Episcopal Church in Radford, VA to keep Lynn and yourself in our prayers during your journey across America!

Posted By: Rick Schemehorn
Posted Date: 5/10/2008 4:23:00 PM
Comments: We will have you in our thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey across the United States. You both are such an inspiration and wonderful role models to others. We wish you the very best in life, your friends from Vesuvius, Virginia, The Schemehorns - Rick, Wanda, Leah, Amber, Elyssa, Kovu, Figgy, Angel and ducks!

Posted By: Janice
Posted Date: 5/10/2008 10:07:00 AM
Comments: Thank you for coming into Russell's Cycle for your bikes! You're great inspiration and it's a pleasure being acquainted with you. Everyone is cheering you on here in the Heart of Illinois and look forward to weekly radio updates. Be safe & God Bless!

Posted By: emily a (grandkid)
Posted Date: 5/9/2008 3:41:00 PM
Comments: hi! I miss you sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much I'm happy that you are doing this it is a big workout!!!

Posted By: Barb Hodum
Posted Date: 5/9/2008 1:55:00 PM
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that your co-workers from BHS at the Children's Home are behind you 100% Loved listening to you on the radio and we are thrilled that your trip is going so well. WOW, you are in the mountains. Can't wait to hear what happens next!!!

Posted By: Bob Butler
Posted Date: 5/7/2008 12:51:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, just a note to let you know that our friend in Arizona received his new liver. Greg let me know last Sunday night and asked me to inform you if I could locate you. You have his cell phone number so give him a call sometime.

Posted By: Amanda Stewart
Posted Date: 5/6/2008 6:44:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry! I met you and your wife at the ice-cream shop in Charlottesville, it was so nice to meet you. Have a great rest of the trip. YOU LOOK GREAT!!

Posted By: Allie Young
Posted Date: 5/5/2008 3:50:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! The fifth grade class from All Saints' Episcopal School enjoyed meeting you last Thursday 5/1/08 in Jamestown, VA. We were amazed you would try to cross the country by bike. We wish you the best of luck on your trip and if you ever get to Florence, SC, come see us!

Posted By: Don Murtaugh
Posted Date: 5/5/2008 4:34:00 AM
Comments: Jerry & Lynne, What a pleasure to meet both of you Saturday afternoon in Mechanicsville, VA. Your energy level is wonderfully inspiring. I hope the flags remains attached to your bike as the two of you push across our great land. Did you discover a few ways to reduce the equipment load? May the winds remain at your back. All the best, Don

Posted By: Randy Lee
Posted Date: 5/4/2008 7:18:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry, really good meeting you Sat. afternoon in Richmond in the hospital parking lot! Hope you have an amazing time on your ride across the country and continue to encourage folks along the way. Take care!

Posted By: Dave Fiumara
Posted Date: 4/29/2008 4:36:00 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry, Great to meet you at Rex Wellness Center last night. Thanks so much for coming out to see us. You are an inspiration to us all. Good luck on the ride!

Posted By: Bob Clark
Posted Date: 4/24/2008 9:27:00 AM
Comments: Jerry Thanks for coming to Bloomington to speak to us and share your story. I won the T shirt! Thanks for the shirt. Your words of wisdom were a great motivation. Good luck on your ride.

Posted By: Brooke Castaneda
Posted Date: 4/23/2008 8:22:00 AM
Comments: Jerry-THANK YOU so much for coming to speak yesterday. It was very awesome to meet you, hear your story, and share my story with you. You have no idea how grateful I am for you coming to speak. I will email you pictures and keep you posted on my weight loss. Thank you again for being an inspiration to me and everyone. You have lots of fans here at the McLean County Health Department! Enjoy the ride, may this be the RIDE of your life! :)

Posted By: Tim Urban
Posted Date: 4/22/2008 5:09:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry & Lynne, How are you both doing? I would say your both enjoying retirement!Jerry, you look great after losing 100 pounds! I have been following you both on TV and the Peoria paper as much as I can. My wife and I live in St. Louis, Greg sends the paper when there is something of interest. I saw the Picture of you both with Ernest Borgnine. Captian Paul H., Lynne's father, use to tell me stories of Ernest and him in the Navy. One time when Ernest Borgnine was on the Johnny Carson show he said hi to Capt. Paul of Peoria, Ill. Are you traveling through St. Louis on your bike tour? We would love to see you both and if you need a place to stay we have a big empty house, our kids are both grown up and on their own. We live off HWY 94 in Defiance, Mo. This highway is in several wine tour books and great for senic biking. Good luck on your bike tour, let's get together in St. Louis!

Posted By: Edith
Posted Date: 4/21/2008 1:04:00 AM
Comments: Hey, Jerry, a fan of yours from BL Season 4, I see your bike ride is about to start! I wish the best for you and your travels. So glad to see such a positive transformation in your life! Take care of you and yours!

Posted By: Tobias
Posted Date: 4/21/2008 12:24:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry! Just received your email re age ist just a number and I amust say that I'm impressed (and was also impressed by (i) the weight you obviously had (ii) the weight that you have meanwhile lost. I wish you all the best for the ride and will follow you - on the map that is. Take care and keep me posted. Tobias (one of yuor "kids" from the 91/92 US bus tour)

Posted By: Liz Owens Evans
Posted Date: 4/20/2008 1:58:00 PM
Comments: M'bae la porte? Ipora! Hey you guys!! Jerry you are famous now, love it!! Can you bike over to Alexandria Virginia to see my new house? I can bike the Mt. Vernon Trail with you

Posted By: Ann Bergsten Arrowood
Posted Date: 4/20/2008 1:11:00 PM
Comments: Hi Lynne & Jerry, Mom & Dad have kept me posted with all of your new adventures! I am so very proud of you Jerry for all of your weight loss!!! I would love to go on that show. If you make it to Texas on your journey I would love to see you. Be safe,have fun and keep on peddeling!Lynne I would love to see you again sometime!

Posted By: Corynn Gray
Posted Date: 4/20/2008 12:32:00 PM
Comments: Hey Guys! Sorry I missed Jerry on the biggest looser! Dude, I can't believe you lost so much weight! Lynn, you look AWESOME! Go Chica! You guys are all over the place! Love it! I'm in Pittsburgh, working at an allergy clinic doing testing and giving shots, hoping to start a part-time RN program this fall. Met my boyfriend (his name is Victor and he works for Lowes and plays solid golf and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have him in my life!) on a golf course and we've been playing golf together for over a year and a half. We're about to move into a brick rancher, love it. I also have an organic lip balm I've been selling and I have a web site ready, but working a few kinks out before I hit 'publish.' I did 4 years in the Army and was stationed in Germany in wine country instead of the Sand Box, thank God. I got married, my husband died of cancer, I got out of the service and sold my house in MD, and now I'm absolutely loving life and working on my golf game here in Pittsburgh! Crazy! Kind-a like you guys! I love the bike thing! Especially since it involves helping kids. Hope to hear from you soon! Love Corynn P.S. Hey Jerry, Can you still drink inexpensive pilsner beer on your new diet?

Posted By: Maureen Corrington
Posted Date: 4/18/2008 7:59:00 AM
Comments: BEST of luck to you and Lynn on your great endeavor, biking across America!!! Your whole extended family is cheering for you. God be with you on your wonderful trip. Sincerely, Maureen Corrington, (your son-in-law Michael's grandmother).

Posted By: Candy Thomas
Posted Date: 4/16/2008 5:32:00 PM
Comments: It was great seeing you today at work. Good luck to you and your wife on the bike trek. be safe.

Posted By: paul meece
Posted Date: 4/15/2008 10:01:00 AM
Comments: have missed chatting with you tell michelle that i hope all is going well for her

Posted By: Candace
Posted Date: 4/13/2008 6:35:00 PM
Comments: Hey!!! It's your Sam's buddy! You two have fun and be careful. You are doing awesome!!!

Posted By: Ron Douglas
Posted Date: 4/13/2008 8:51:00 AM
Comments: Jerry, we will continue to practice ping pong while you and Lynn are cycling, hoping to give you a better game.

Posted By: Rick LeHew
Posted Date: 4/9/2008 4:31:00 PM
Comments: Best of luck on your coast to coast bike trip!! I want a tennis match when you get home.

Posted By: Ron Austin
Posted Date: 4/9/2008 3:25:00 PM
Comments: It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone yesterday, I hope you were able to contact Elsa-please keep me informed as to your plans and contacts here in VA. Hopt to talk to you soon-Ron

Posted By: Philipp Thies
Posted Date: 4/5/2008 10:50:00 AM
Comments: Hello Jerry, you arealway surprising me what you do. I am sure that i will loose in Tennis against you now. Hope to hear from you. Philipp Thies from Friedrichshafen Germany (Peoria sister City; Exchange Student in 1995 Hosting this wonderful couple in 1996.

Posted By: Laura
Posted Date: 4/2/2008 7:47:00 PM
Comments: hey just dropped by to say "hi" i met you today at the premiere of "the magic of ordinary days" you took a pic of me and my friend Zoyla with John Reardon! ^_^ Hope you had a good time because we did!

Posted By: Tom Fredericks
Posted Date: 3/29/2008 9:29:00 AM
Comments: I talked to you last night for your Newport News, Va hotel rez. Just bought a used Huffy 3 spd bike for my ride to work. Your Ride is an inspiration! Will look for you when you get to w. Colorado.

Posted By: Roger
Posted Date: 3/9/2008 2:33:00 PM
Comments: Just received my Adventure Cyclist magazine and great article about you. Keep up the great work and happy cycling. Roger Otterstrom

Posted By: Kay
Posted Date: 3/7/2008 4:35:00 AM
Comments: Hi its Kay from Australia, Congrats on the weight loss!and for keeping it off! Also Good on you for doing something active and fun!! Have a great trip around America. Your a great inspiration to mature aged men and women around the world

Posted By: Linsie
Posted Date: 3/6/2008 3:06:00 PM
Comments: I watched you on The Biggest Loser and was so proud to see you win the race, pick Bob and then lose the most weight in Biggest Loser history! You did such an excellent job losing all of that weight! Love the website, love the videos, love the blogs! It is hard not to get emotional when browsing your site... :) Great job!

Posted By: Frances
Posted Date: 3/6/2008 7:37:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, This is your American Airlines agent!! I checked out your website. You looks great! I am so proud of what you did. I personally don't have any weight problem. But, I am inspired by your determination. Next time if I get discourage by something, I will keep you in mind. Anyway, you are such a nice person to talk to and wishing you a big success in your upcoming cross country bicycling tour. Frances

Posted By: DeAngelo
Posted Date: 2/27/2008 9:20:00 AM
Comments: You are an inspiration for me to keep up with my fitness. I was 6ft 2in, 298 pounds last year. Now with proper dieting and exercise I am a muscular 230! I have told my older buddies you are proof you are never "too old" to start living healthy. Keep up the good work! Big hugs to you and yours from the Buckeye State!!

Posted By: Daisy
Posted Date: 2/26/2008 2:39:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry I am so proud of you you have lost so much wieght. 31 pounds in just on week. I could never have of done that. You found your own trainer and then you stuck to what bob said. I am proud of what you have done. Congrats. I would have of never been able to do all of the stuff that you have done. Great job.

Posted By: emily (grandkid)
Posted Date: 2/24/2008 12:10:00 PM

Posted By: Brian
Posted Date: 2/24/2008 10:52:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, I was just checking your web-site.. this is amazing!! I wish you the best.. Brian, paraguay

Posted By: Team Guillaume's Under Construction
Posted Date: 2/21/2008 1:19:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry, Just wanted to say that it was awesome meeting you at the Chicao Casting Call last weekend. I am sending a great pic of Chris and I with you. Thanks again for all of your kind words of praise and encouragement. You are such an inspiration. Melissa and Christopher Indianapolis, Indiana "Team Guillaume's Under CONSTRUCTION"

Posted By: Mindy Daum
Posted Date: 2/19/2008 8:41:00 PM
Comments: Dear Jerry, Meet you at Pearce Comm Center in Chillicothe Il on Valentine's day. You are such an inspiration. Thanks so much for spending the evening with our weight lose group. Tell your wife thanks for letting us have that time with you. Mindy Daum

Posted By: Heather L.
Posted Date: 2/18/2008 8:14:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry this is Heather, I meet you the other day at the Biggest Loser team auditions in Chicago. I was one half of the Spandex biggest loser outfit wearing team! It was great meeting you and I love your wife she was so nice and wonderful to talk to. If you could send me a copy of the pictures we took with you that would be great! Keep up the good work and hopefully you will see my partner Jen and I on the next Biggest Loser Team show.

Posted By: Casey P
Posted Date: 2/12/2008 7:09:00 PM
Comments: I've seen you at the gym...I'm new to working out...and yes, I've been staring at you. Now I know where I know you from...YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER!!! You look magnificent. Go BIG on your ride & enjoy!!! You're an inspiration at the gym.

Posted By: Connie Lanham Nyland
Posted Date: 2/10/2008 7:21:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, I am a hugh fan of The Biggest Loser. I watched the show you were on, liked you immediately. BUT had no idea you were my 1st cousin. I didn't reconize you. Judy told me yesterday that was you. Congratulatiions! How's Tim and your mom?

Posted By: Michael Scott
Posted Date: 2/6/2008 4:45:00 PM
Comments: I'm 65 and have been on Atkins for 9 years. You are a great inspiration to everyone my age. All the best. Looking forward to your bike trip.

Posted By: Randy Hiilgenberg
Posted Date: 1/31/2008 7:32:00 PM
Comments: Jerry... what a great guy. Keep up the good work, eat right and stay healthy. Been a pleasure working with you. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Posted By: Tim Mussmann
Posted Date: 1/29/2008 6:51:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, you probably don't remember me or my wife, but I worked for you in Clinton Iowa. You came up to watch over us at ADM and you made it a blast! My wife tried to sweet talk you at the hotel to get me a raise! Anyway, I tracked your success and have decided to make healthier decisions. I signed up for the Live healthy America 100 day campaign and have quit smoking! Two weeks in and I have now lost 21 pounds! I am also big into riding bikes, but I mostly do mountain biking. Thank you for giving me somthing to look up to and keep up the great work Jerry! Good luck with your with your bike trip!

Posted By: Casey Kerchner
Posted Date: 1/27/2008 8:35:00 PM
Comments: Fantastic Job Jerry! They should get a little "friendly" competition between shirts or firehouses tosee who can lose big. Best Regards..... "Radio Shop" Casey

Posted By: Molly
Posted Date: 1/26/2008 9:38:00 AM
Comments: hi!you were very good at the Biggest Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am emy's friend.

Posted By: sara
Posted Date: 1/26/2008 9:35:00 AM
Comments: Hi I am emily's friend sara.you where good on the Biggest Loser

Posted By: santiago
Posted Date: 1/20/2008 11:41:00 AM
Comments: hey jerry

Posted By: emily a
Posted Date: 1/20/2008 11:13:00 AM
Comments: Hi Papaw were is my pic on your page.

Posted By: Robbin
Posted Date: 1/18/2008 12:54:00 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry! You look GREAT and you are such an inspiration! My husband and I are taking part in the Biggest Loser Million LB Matchup. Visit our page at http://robbntim.spaces.live.com God bless! Robbin

Posted By: Ed
Posted Date: 1/17/2008 7:23:00 PM
Comments: Jerry I hardly recognized you. Great Job on your weight loss.

Posted By: Mark E.
Posted Date: 1/15/2008 7:33:00 PM
Comments: Hey old friend, been looking for you! What luck for you and Anna to meet in a doctor's office. Call, I'm in the book and your not! I think.

Posted By: Mark Ellison
Posted Date: 1/15/2008 7:32:00 PM
Comments: Hey old friend, been looking for you! What luck for you and Anna to meet in a doctor's office. Call, I'm in the book and your not! I think.

Posted By: Allison
Posted Date: 1/5/2008 12:34:00 PM
Comments: Nice meeting you in best buy Jerry! My family pretty much screamed when they found out I met you! Good luck with the 5000 mile bike ride. I'll be running a couple half marathons in the spring, it's nice to know that I can think, "if Jerry can ride a bike for 5000 miles, I can run for 13 miles." Best of Luck!

Posted By: Pooja
Posted Date: 1/3/2008 4:22:00 PM
Comments: jerry, i am only 13 but i have to tell you...you rock! you are so amazing and i loved watching you on TV. you're amazing!!!!

Posted By: Genna
Posted Date: 1/1/2008 4:46:00 PM
Comments: Hello Jerry! I just wanted to say that your story is incredibly inspiring not only to me, but to millions of others. You are the spokesperson for senior fitness, and I applaud you! Great job, and keep up the good work!

Posted By: Albert
Posted Date: 1/1/2008 4:48:00 AM
Comments: Congratulations and thanks Jerry; you are my HERO!

Posted By: Megan
Posted Date: 12/29/2007 8:46:00 PM
Comments: Dad Post some new pictures please. Maybe of the family in CA.

Posted By: Stephanie
Posted Date: 12/26/2007 11:46:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry! Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss. My Dad is a similar age to you and your journey has inspired him to start his own. Thank you!! Stephanie

Posted By: Ben Alvarez
Posted Date: 12/21/2007 12:09:00 PM
Comments: Great Job on the biggest loser, My wife and my favorite show. It's really cool that Peoria has had two contestants. I'm am the director for the Peare Community Center in Chillicothe, Il. It was our hope that you might like to come up to Chilli and speak to our contestants in our weight loss challenge. Our Challenge will run in January and Febuary. If you have an evening free I know it would be fun and inspirational for our community center members. Ben 309-274-4209 ext 102

Posted By: dubbyjanosov
Posted Date: 12/19/2007 2:29:00 PM
Comments: jerry great job dubby. you have to share with me some good ways to eat.

Posted By: dubbyjanosov
Posted Date: 12/19/2007 2:27:00 PM
Comments: jerry great job dubby. you share what youeat keep off the weight

Posted By: Tami Smith
Posted Date: 12/18/2007 5:55:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, No matter the out come of tonights show I wish you the best. You looked great on the "WEEK" news this evening. I would love to drop some pounds myself. I wish you the very best. Merry Christmas. Tami Smith Hennepin, IL

Posted By: Betty (Daniel) Good
Posted Date: 12/18/2007 5:59:00 AM
Comments: I worked with you at the old Central House. I was a secretary there. I am really proud of you that you accomplished so much through the Biggest Loser and continued on your own efforts. I too am way over weight and at 5'2", it really shows. I keep trying and keep failing. Anyway great job and I hope you win big on the last show that we all see tonight. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

Posted By: Dave Berger
Posted Date: 12/17/2007 3:22:00 PM
Comments: Congrats, Jerry! Best of luck on Tuesday; we will all be watching back in the frozen mid-west. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Dave

Posted By: Chastity Jacob
Posted Date: 12/14/2007 2:32:00 PM
Comments: Jerry- You are a true inspriration! I truly enjoyed meeting your wife and you. I hope that you are the 100,000 winner, you defintely look the best of all the contestant. I met you at Four Seasons, loved your story. I wanted to ask you if you ever got the washing machine? Keep up the good work and so will I. Go kick butt in Hollywood!!! tell Bob HI!

Posted By: Susan Jackson
Posted Date: 12/11/2007 3:19:00 PM
Comments: Hello Jerry! We're so excited to see the grand finale of the show and see how you've done. I totally expect to see you win the $100,000! You deserve it! Keep up the amazing and inspirational work!

Posted By: The Beckstead's
Posted Date: 12/9/2007 1:51:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, It was really great to meet you and see how far you've come. You are an inspiration to us and to many others. Thanks for your willingness to come to 4 Seasons and share your thoughts and tips with us. We also enjoyed the behind the scenes info on the BL. It was very interesting. Thanks again and best of luck to you in the future. Bart, Anna, and Bryce :)

Posted By: Michael Skaggs
Posted Date: 12/8/2007 10:26:00 AM
Comments: Jerry I listened to your presentation at 4 Seasons Fitness Club in Normal. It's amazing what you have accomplished. Keep up the ggod work.

Posted By: Matthew Barnard
Posted Date: 12/7/2007 4:12:00 PM
Comments: I enjoyed watching you on the biggest loser. I think you are really amazing. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at Four Seasons Club in Normal, Illinois. I hope I can get your signature tomorrow for a Christmas present for someone.

Posted By: Sandi Bender
Posted Date: 12/7/2007 12:04:00 PM
Comments: So cool to see you on the Biggest Loser. You look sooooo awesome. You lost your extra pounds this year and I am kicking cancer's butt. So yeah, I think we've accomplished something in 2007 :) Jason says hi ;)

Posted By: Debbie Field
Posted Date: 11/27/2007 2:29:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, Thank you for talking to me on the phone today from National Standard. I of course told everyone at work and they all knew who you were! Keep up the good work, you look fabulous!! Debbie

Posted By: Chuck Longanecker
Posted Date: 11/23/2007 10:48:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry, Great job! I kept an eye on you from San Diego. Keep us posted on your trip. Chuck

Posted By: Roy Knoedler
Posted Date: 11/23/2007 8:08:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, We had you and your wife, Lynn, over for dinner in our house (at that time) in Metamora, IL back in 2004 before we left for our Peace Corps assignment in Panama. We returned from that assigment (which was great by the way) in Sept. of 2006. On Jan. 23rd, i am leaving for Argentina to climb Mt. Aconcagua, and after the climb in over, three weeks later, Dottie is going to join me in Mendoza, Argentina and we plan to spend 6 weeks touring Argentina, Paragua, and Chile. We have a friend, Jason Chochran, who is now the PTO of PC Paragua, but was an APCD in Panama while we are there. He is going to line us up with some PC sites to visit, and wondered which was your, and Lynn's, former site. If you could tell us, we might try and visit it. Sincerely, Roy and Dottie Knoedler 3046 Fulton Circle Boulder, CO 80301 royknoedler@yahoo.com

Posted By: Roy Knoedler
Posted Date: 11/23/2007 8:06:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, We had you and your wife, Lynn, over for dinner in our house (at that time) in Metamora, IL back in 2004 before we left for our Peace Corps assignment in Panama. We returned from that assigment (which was great by the way) in Sept. of 2006. On Jan. 23rd, i am leaving for Argentina to climb Mt. Aconcagua, and after the climb in over, three weeks later, Dottie is going to join me in Mendoza, Argentina and we plan to spend 6 weeks touring Argentina, Paragua, and Chile. We have a friend, Jason Chochran, who is now the PTO of PC Paragua, but was an APCD in Panama while we are there. He is going to line us up with some PC sites to visit, and wondered which was your, and Lynn's, former site. If you could tell us, we might try and visit it. Sincerely, Roy and Dottie Knoedler 3046 Fulton Circle Boulder, CO 80301 royknoedler@yahoo.com

Posted By: jenny e
Posted Date: 11/22/2007 10:25:00 AM
Comments: Jerry you look great. I am a 32 mother of 2 and would love some help with the correct foods I should be eating. you have given me hope that I too could look that great!!!

Posted By: Glori Weldon
Posted Date: 11/21/2007 5:10:00 AM
Comments: Peoria is almost home to me since I live in Metamora. You look fabulous & congratulations on your hard work. I would give anything to be able to look and feel better as you do!

Posted By: Steve Fodor
Posted Date: 11/16/2007 9:46:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, I was so proud to see you on one of my favorite shows. Congratulations on your accomplishments. I treasure the year I worked with you in Peoria at the store. You taught me a lot about life. my website is http://www.dancinsteve.com but it's not nearly as cool as yours.

Posted By: Melanie
Posted Date: 11/12/2007 5:40:00 PM
Comments: Jerry and Lynn, When you get to Kentucky and Tennessee We Buckeyes would love to bike with you. My husband and I just started biking over the summer.There is nothing like it. We are doing our first 100 miler over Mothers Day weekend in Ohio 2008. We would love for you two to join us. Think about it. Take care and keep biking. Don and Melanie

Posted By: Rosana Chavez
Posted Date: 11/11/2007 11:10:00 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry, here's to future ping-pong tournaments in Caazapa! Suerte!

Posted By: Lauren McCullough
Posted Date: 11/11/2007 11:07:00 AM
Comments: You should really mention more about your service to PeaceCorps Paraguay in your background! Suerte y Exito de PCPY!

Posted By: Mary Lynn
Posted Date: 10/27/2007 2:45:00 PM
Comments: It was really fun to see a Peorian on the show. I thought you were great. The picture of the new you and Lynn is spectacular. Keep up the good work!!!

Posted By: Margaret
Posted Date: 10/26/2007 12:31:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, YOU ROCK!!!!! I join the majority on the anger I felt when you were voted off, but you'll WIN in the END! Love your website. Many blessings to you and Lynn.

Posted By: Gary Shain
Posted Date: 10/25/2007 4:42:00 PM
Comments: Hello Mr. Lisenby, I thought you were great on the show. But don't you think your going a little overboard? I mean you look great/handsome at 240 lbs. You really don't look all that big. Hope you win in December!

Posted By: Lynnsie
Posted Date: 10/24/2007 4:31:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, you are certainly an inspiration. I fighting the weight battle. Last night's episode was a real disappointment. I am glad there are more positive people from the show such as you to look up to. All the best, Lynnsie.

Posted By: Jessica
Posted Date: 10/24/2007 6:36:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, I just wanted to let you know that I was rooting for you from the beginning and was so upset when you were kicked off. THe blue team was my favorite team until that episode. You look great though! Keep up the good work!

Posted By: Jennifer Gunter
Posted Date: 10/22/2007 10:01:00 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry!!! It was nice running into you last night at Walgreens!!! I'm going to look into what we talked about and I'll let you know what I find out!!! I also checked out your site and its looks awesome!! When will you be riding your bike around the Carbondale area next spring?? If you let me know so my fiance and I WANT ride with you!!! (Since I'm going to school down here at SIU-C!!!!) But I'll talk to you soon!!! Thanks!!!! ~Jennifer (your Walgreens photo girl)

Posted By: Christie
Posted Date: 10/18/2007 5:51:00 PM
Comments: Jerry!!! I am SO glad to see how great you're doing. I have been a Biggest Loser fan since Season 1, but have never really been disgusted over who was voted off. But when you were voted off, I was beyond MAD! However, you are the sweetest revenge, and I am happy for you! You would have continued to be an asset on that team, so shame on them for eliminating you. You made that team. But whatever, moving on...I am so happy for your success and wish you and your wife a great cross-country road trip! If you ever land in NJ, drop me a line!! :) Christie Ocean County, NJ

Posted By: Emily
Posted Date: 10/17/2007 10:38:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! You were my favorite on the show and I was so upset when they voted you off. You look so awesome now, but I still miss you on the show. I can't wait to see how you look at the finale!

Posted By: Diann
Posted Date: 10/16/2007 9:24:00 PM
Comments: When I saw your picture I knew you were the same kid I grew up with in Peoria. We played in the alley, went to the woods, and played by the trucks at the dairy. My brother Bill and I lived on Bourland and also knew MeriJo and Dorothy. Congrats on all your endeavors.

Posted By: gracey
Posted Date: 10/16/2007 7:30:00 PM
Comments: That post from Pamela was from my daughter, she so admires you, as we all do. I was so sad to see you leave the show. What an inspiration. My Mom and I are joining Weight Watchers this weekend and hope to each lose about 80-100 pounds. I've not watched Biggest loser before, this is our first season, I'm so hooked on seeing the transformations. Congrats on such a great one. You give me hope. ~Thanks

Posted By: Pamela
Posted Date: 10/16/2007 7:19:00 PM
Comments: I can't believe you lost that much weight - I want to loss that much weight also.

Posted By: Fausto & Sidney
Posted Date: 10/14/2007 7:44:00 AM
Comments: Jerry - When we met you and your wife last evening, we heard about your 50 inch TV, that was trimmed down to a 42 inch, while you were away trimming down yourself! It was our pleasure to meet and see you in person. Keep up your good work. You are an inspiration to so many...offering hope and a spirit of determination to feel great and live healthy.

Posted By: Kay Brotherton
Posted Date: 10/12/2007 4:10:00 PM
Comments: You were my 9 year old daughter and I's favorite contestant. She got teary when you were voted off. We are now rooting for the red team (even though we really like Bob). I recorded you on the Today Show to show my daughter as she was at school. We are thrilled that you are sustaining your success. We can't wait to follow you and Lynn on your bike trip/adventure. God Bless you and your family!

Posted By: Amy Ellis
Posted Date: 10/12/2007 2:04:00 PM
Comments: WOW!!! That is not even enough to explain how great you look. America is so proud, I know I am. You make us youngsters look real lazy. You dont need luck it looks like you have this one in the bag, but good luck just incase.

Posted By: Steve Latham
Posted Date: 10/10/2007 5:24:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry, We met over ten years ago through your son Mark. He was my son's swim coach. I saw Mark today and he mentioned what you have been up to. Keep up the good work and my regards to your lovely wife Lynne. Steve

Posted By: janet (lisenby) moreash / california cousin
Posted Date: 10/10/2007 3:11:00 PM
Comments: You were wonderful on the Today Show you look incredible keep up the good work. I show the clip to everyone who comes over. This web site is a terrific way to share all your great adventures.

Posted By: Capt. Bruce Ingersoll PFD, retired
Posted Date: 10/9/2007 10:22:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, it was great to see you yesterday! Your website is so interesting. I really enjoyed reading about your bicycle tour schedule for this spring. You are looking good,too! Good luck with the weight loss program- not for the weak! Best wishes & God Bless! Keep in touch. Bruce

Posted By: Leslie, Jacob & Lucas Polack
Posted Date: 10/8/2007 6:45:00 PM
Comments: The boys have been cheering Uncle Mark's dad on from the very beginning! They were so disappointed when you got voted off and we're all routing for you to go back and kick some butt in December! We've been following everything Gina and Mark have been sending us. Keep up the good work - you're an inspiration!

Posted By: Jeremy & Niki Roten
Posted Date: 10/8/2007 10:49:00 AM
Comments: Hey Jerry, We met you at the Today show Wednesday morning. You are a great inspiration and we are going to keep up with you and your bike ride. Good luck and we will keep in touch. Jeremy & Niki in Alabama.

Posted By: Jennifer
Posted Date: 10/7/2007 9:20:00 PM
Comments: You are an inspiration to many. You are and were my favorite cast member ever to be on Biggest Loser! Best of luck on your bike tour.

Posted By: Meghan Bodkin
Posted Date: 10/7/2007 11:42:00 AM
Comments: Jerry Congratulations!! So good to see you as positive as ever -- have you told everyone in Py? Abrazos to you and Lynne! - Meghan

Posted By: Chris@Jen
Posted Date: 10/7/2007 11:06:00 AM
Comments: :) Looking grate jerry!

Posted By: Phil Skow
Posted Date: 10/7/2007 10:44:00 AM
Comments: Jerry--Great Job !! A friend from your past. If you ride thru Las Vegas please advise me. You are back in the Chuck & Mikes shape!!!

Posted By: Tom and Betty Fogerty
Posted Date: 10/6/2007 6:25:00 PM
Comments: Congratulation!!!!!!!! We are very proud of you. We know you will win in Dec.

Posted By: Jason Bender
Posted Date: 10/6/2007 4:20:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, you will always be the man! you have given drive to get healthy to so many peole that i know. Keep it up!

Posted Date: 10/5/2007 11:27:00 PM
Comments: I ran out of characters. I'm going to try and get back with you all soon. I'm working with Bob to try and get something put together about my work out and food. I want you all to try and follow us on our ride net year too. I'm still working hard to try and get a little more off of me. keep in touch....Jerry

Posted By: Jerry Lisenby
Posted Date: 10/5/2007 11:21:00 PM

Posted By: Maureen
Posted Date: 10/5/2007 8:03:00 PM
Comments: I'm so proud of you. Maureen ,Lunch was great.The t-shirt is very lucky,because you won the race.thank you so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,so,much.Mary Julia Fogerty

Posted By: Mary
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 8:30:00 PM
Comments: Live in Florida and never met you but my late husband grew up with you. Was cheering for you on Biggest Loser. Can't believe they voted you off. Keep up the great work, you look terrific. Looking forward to seeing you on the show in Dec.

Posted By: Skip & Cheryl
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 6:25:00 PM
Comments: You look great Jerry, keep up the good work!!!. We could not believe that team of yours, they are going to be sooo jealous when they see you. I guarantee you, they will not do as well. Keep it up! Great inspiration

Posted By: Barb Hodum
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 4:50:00 PM
Comments: Children's Home fans cheered you on as we viewed the Today Show. Way to go Jerry!!!

Posted By: Jim Gokey
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 11:57:00 AM
Comments: Jerry, You look great. I am so looking forward to the Biggest Loser Finale to see you smoke the competition. You done a remarkable job, and you been a inspiration to me, and many others..Keep Up the geeat work, and by the way great website, very imformative. Will you post your workout routine for us all ??

Posted By: Gary Shain
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 10:49:00 AM
Comments: Way to go Mr. Lisenby. I think you look great. Maybe a little too skinny now but as long as your happy. I was hoping you'll win because I wanted to see an elderly person beat all those younger kids. Thanks Mr. Lisenby, you are an inspriration for all of us young kids. If a 62 year old grampa can lose weight so can all the over weight kids in American! Take care.

Posted By: Larry Dowling
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 8:44:00 AM
Comments: Hi Jerry, It's Thursday morning Oct 4, just watched your video off of your web site, it was very good. I didn't know that you were a boxer, all these years that I,ve known you. Congrats again, this is very neat. Larry D

Posted By: Angie
Posted Date: 10/4/2007 12:36:00 AM
Comments: You are an inspiration to all of us no matter what age!! You looked great on the Today show!! I loved the part where you said you were "HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! I want that too! Could you tell us how and what you did and are still doing in order to accomplish this. Good luck in all you do and be proud!

Posted By: Joan
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 11:12:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, I rooted for you from the beginning. You were so kind and genuinely concerned about the people who could not be on your team. You are obviousley a kind, caring person. You are also an inspiration to people of all ages!

Posted By: Todd
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 9:35:00 PM
Comments: Great job on the Today Show!

Posted By: anne & paul capone
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 8:23:00 PM
Comments: I you to come out of the building talk to you.I was so excited to meet you! You really made my day! Please reply when you have the time. anne and paul capone. I hope you remember us-tuesday 10-3-07 after you were on the today show. best of luck to you. I can tell you are a very nice person.please write back! i would so love to hear from you!!! anne and paul capone

Posted By: Connie Behensky
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 7:27:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, I picked you to win this contest from the very beginning. I don't know what those brats were thinking. I saw you on the Today show and you look awesome. I knew that you would do this. I was not going to pull for the blue team but since I focused on them in the beginning they are the ones that I know. You really showed all of them up! Way to go! Have fun on your bike ride you are so awesome! Connie

Posted By: Carmelo Interone Jr.
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 4:07:00 PM
Comments: You guys rock. Both of you look great. Hope you remember us. Keep it lit and don't burn out. Say hi to the rest of the family. The Interones.

Posted By: Jan Ebling
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 2:05:00 PM
Comments: Hey Jerry! Fabulous job!!! I'm so incredibly proud of you. You've become a great inspiration to countless folks! Good luck on your cross country cycle trip!

Posted By: Susie (Williams) Freer
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 12:19:00 PM
Comments: Hi, Jerry - you look wonderful! Saw you on the Today Show. The difference in your appearance between your first "Biggest Loser" and the "Today Show" is incredible. You not only lost pounds, you lost years! You and Lynne have a wonderful bike ride across the country. I wish you all the best.

Posted By: Ben Fry
Posted Date: 10/3/2007 12:46:00 AM
Comments: Jerry, saw Today show. I am amazed. the before pic could be me.... any specific info on how you got to the after. I am 52 and in law enforcement.

Posted By: Mike Martinez
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 11:07:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry: I saw you on the Today show. You look incredible!!! If you ever ride thru Dallas, stop by and say hello. Keep up the good work!!!

Posted By: meire torres
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 10:16:00 PM
Comments: You look great...I knew you could do it...Congratulations

Posted By: Chuck and Maggie Noe
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 8:43:00 PM
Comments: Congratulations on all of your hard work! You and Lynn look great! We wish you much success on your bicylce trip. You have both contributed so much through your public service efforts to the Peoria area and the Peace Corps. Keep up the good work!

Posted By: Kevin Lyons
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 8:42:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, you are still a wild and crazy guy! I watched you on TBL and today on Today - you look like a m$llion bucks but you've always had that contagious Lisenby smile that now goes even better with your newfound energy. Attaboy, Jerry!

Posted By: Carlos Interone
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 7:40:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry and Lynn, Congrats! Keep up the great work. Will you be riding thru Wisconsin? Say "Hi" to everyone. The Interones.

Posted By: Emily Aviles (your grandaughter)
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 7:05:00 PM
Comments: Hi Papaw! I love watching you on tv. where is my picture on your web site? I love you!

Posted By: Carol
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 6:02:00 PM
Comments: You look great! I always thought I would like to cycle cross country, but weight is a factor (especially pulling up hills). You are an inspiration. Good luck to you and keep going! :)

Posted By: Peter & Marian KORN
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 3:04:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, our hero! You look absolutely fantastic. A great move on your part. Marian has seen you on TV and, recently, in one of the magazines. Our best wishes to Lynne and we've just dropped a note to Mark. Keep smiling.

Posted By: Ed K
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 2:29:00 PM
Comments: What an inspiration you are for all us overweight old guys... but can you please post more details about your exercise, diet, and yoga programs, etc on your web site to get the rest of us pointed in the right direction! Thanks in advance!!! Ed

Posted By: Sandy (Dahlquist) Kubesh
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 2:01:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry! You probably don't remember me - but I went to Woodruff a year behind you. Great to see you looking so fit and wonderful. I was really bummed when they voted you off. You look wonderful and I was so proud of you when you left those young ones in the dust!!! Way to go, Jerry! Sandy

Posted By: Gary Hilton
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 1:34:00 PM
Comments: Another old friend from the past....awsome dude! Keep it up amigo and gain 20 years of additional life!

Posted By: John Marshall
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 1:24:00 PM
Comments: Not very polite to invite two buddies up for tennis and then beat them!

Posted By: Toni
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 12:47:00 PM
Comments: Fantastic progress Jerry, the world is SO proud of you!!! Keep up the good work and good luck on your bike ride across America with your beautiful wife!

Posted By: Nina Dickey
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 12:23:00 PM
Comments: A old friend from the past. The Barbee's call me and told me that you were on the show. You look great. Nina

Posted By: Marie
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 11:48:00 AM
Comments: Jerry, I just saw you on Today and you look amazing. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see all of you at the Loser Finale. You are going to put the young pups to shame!

Posted By: Audrey
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 11:14:00 AM
Comments: You are a great testimony for others. You have a wonderful heart and such an upbeat attitude in everything and so encouraging. I wish I and others could be more like you. Thank you! It was good to see you on the Today Show. You are looking good. Do you have body guards now? lol

Posted By: Ruth Tinkham
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 11:04:00 AM
Comments: Way to go Jerry, I too just saw you on the Today show!!! Now I need to follow your example and am giving myself this challenge!

Posted By: Lisa
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 11:00:00 AM
Comments: Way to go Jerry! I too exercise daily & have dropped 50lbs - it's life changing but the rewards are endless & you feel so much better. I wish you the best of luck next year

Posted By: Sherry
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 10:59:00 AM
Comments: Great job!!!! Keep up the good work. Will be watching for you and your wife to cycle across the US. What an inspiration.

Posted By: martha watson
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 10:55:00 AM
Comments: jerry, i am 52, from springfield illinois and you have given me inspiration to get started to lose weight. i am 3oo lbs and i have a nine year old little boy, and i want to see him grow up. with your inspiration i feel that i can do it. so jerry, i am promising to start today to lose 150 lbs. my first goal is 5o lbs. thanks for your strength, i was appalled that you were voted off the biggest loser. youre the reason i watched it.

Posted By: Kimberly Gorman
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 10:46:00 AM
Comments: We are so proud of you! Congratulations :)

Posted By: Brent Gill
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:54:00 AM
Comments: I was cheering for you from the first run across the desert. I'm just May to November older than you (if I heard your B'day right) and I also have been from the 325 weight down to 222 lbs. So I have been following your progress with great interest. So sorry to see you go from the show, for I think it was very important to show OTHER folks our age that we CAN lose! Good luck.

Posted By: Pockets
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:53:00 AM
Comments: I'm so happy for you & your family, wish you were still on the show, you were my fav. Congrats on your amazing life style change, keep up the good work & best wishes to you always.

Posted By: Linda Loescher
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:53:00 AM
Comments: My husband and I have been watching you on the biggest loser, and I just caught you on the Today show...you're just amazing, a real inspiration!Congratulations, you have many happy and healthy years ahead of you. By the way, you and your wife are a sharp couple! Have fun on your bike ride together!

Posted By: Claudia
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:51:00 AM
Comments: You're truly an inspiration to the older generation, of which I'm proud to be a part of at age 55, my husband is 57 and recently lost 112 lbs. with the help of gastric bypass. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family with much health, happiness and love. Claudia in Indiana

Posted By: jessica
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:50:00 AM
Comments: Congrats!!! Its amazing what you can do when you are truly dedicated. You are an inspiration. Good luck next year!

Posted By: Shannon
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 9:44:00 AM
Comments: i just seen you on the today show. OMG..amazing. you look fantastic..i don't even know you and i'm so proud of you..what a blessing.. you just made the world smile!

Posted By: Scott Shuster
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 8:17:00 AM
Comments: I've got some old 34 in. jeans you can borrow. lookin' good. keep it up.

Posted By: Megan (Lisenby) Shuster
Posted Date: 10/2/2007 8:08:00 AM
Comments: Scott and I are so proud of you. He wants to know if you need any of his 34 pants. Keep up the good work, only 2 1/2 months to the finale. Love you, Megan

Posted By: Sue T. Redman
Posted Date: 10/1/2007 5:42:00 PM
Comments: Jerry-You are the best thing to ever happen to that show. Finally someone who showed us that winners come in all ages.

Posted By: Steve Rothwell
Posted Date: 10/1/2007 5:00:00 PM
Comments: Jerry, You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work. Steve

Posted By: Mark Lisenby
Posted Date: 10/1/2007 4:29:00 PM
Comments: Keep up the great work Dad! Mark

Posted By: Julie Huck
Posted Date: 10/1/2007 2:47:00 PM
Comments: Can't wait to see you next summer on your bike tour!

Posted By: Nancy
Posted Date: 9/30/2007 6:54:00 PM
Comments: I spoke with you yesterday on telephone and appreciate you taking time to talk to me. You are an inspiration to everyone in our age group. Proves it can be done.

Posted By: Jerry Lisenby
Posted Date: 9/30/2007 12:52:00 PM
Comments: Chris, This is perfect,I want to thank you for all you have done for me.I stil need help but I'm starting to learn more each day...THANKS!!!Jerry

Posted By: Chris Sopher
Posted Date: 9/29/2007 6:32:00 PM
Comments: Hi Jerry - Best of luck to you! Chris

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